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Owen Wilson to return for Loki season 2

Owen Wilson is offically making his Mobius M. Mobius comeback, the star confirmed that he is returning for season 2 of the hit Disney plus show Loki

Owen Wilson to return for Loki season 2

Loki season 2 has bagged another returning star for its cast, none other than Owen Wilson. During a Wired autocomplete interview, Wilson sat down and answered the internet’s most asked questions relating to himself. One of these questions was about his fate in the MCU. Well fear not Loki fans, the star confirmed that he will be back on the god of mischief’s TV series for a second season.

In season 1 of the hit Disney Plus series, Loki, Wilson played Mobius M. Mobius, a former agent of the Time Variance Authority. In the show’s finale, fans may remember how, thanks to Loki’s variant Sylvie’s universe-altering antics, Mobius no longer recognised Loki or had any recollection of his time together with the god. In the upcoming season, which will reportedly begin filming this summer, many figured we’d see Mobius again, however now we have a firm confirmation from Wilson himself.

Responding to the question ‘Owen Wilson coming back to Loki’ the star, said: “yes, he is coming back to Loki, and I think we will start filming that pretty soon.” Wilson then praised his Loki co-star Tom Hiddleston who is also set to return as the show’s titular character in season 2. “I have had a great time working on Loki,” he explained. “I really enjoy Tom Hiddleston and all the people on that.”

You can watch the full video of Owen Wilson’s interview below:

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Currently, we don’t know what Loki season 2’s plot will be about. With Wilson’s return, we may get to see more information regarding TVA agents, and potentially see Mobius’s straight-laced demeanour fall once he learns that agents are actually brainwashed variants. We also imagine the next chapter in the sci-fi series will involve the Kang variant, which has taken over the TVA. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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