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Fast and Furious star reveals which one of the movies they don’t like

Jordana Brewster has appeared in six Fast and Furious movies, so she's best placed to explain which of the action movies doesn't quite work for her.

Fast and Furious cast

We all love the Fast and Furious movies, which stand among the best action movies of the 21st century. And few people have as much experience around the Fast and Furious franchise as Jordana Brewster.

Brewster has played Mia Toretto ever since 2000s movie The Fast and the Furious, making appearances in six of the thriller movies over the years. She’s one of the lynchpins of the Fast franchise, and will be back once again this year for the Fast and Furious 10 release date.

But for Brewster, not every movie in the series landed perfectly. In fact, she has some reservations about 2009’s Fast & Furious, which brought back the original Fast and Furious characters after spin-off third movie Tokyo Drift.

Brewster told Collider in 2021: “I’ve seen 5 again, I’ve seen 1 again, I haven’t rewatched 4, but to me it’s very grey. It’s set in LA, Paul’s in a suit, I’m in this red dress and I have bangs and I’m just very sad and pissed off at him. I just feel like I don’t remember that one super fondly.

“It’s 5 that sticks out for me, 9’s gonna stick out now because 9’s really, really good and I get a little more action. But yes, it’s always a bummer when I’m not – as I’ve said, I love being part of the action. I don’t just like being a talking head, talking with the boys. It’s fun to get in there and get dirty.”

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Fast Five certainly provided a turning point for the franchise, as one of the first to borrow a superhero movie feel and amp up the action to truly ludicrous proportions.

Its plot is also set to stretch into Fast and Furious 10, with the new movie villain played by Jason Momoa seeking revenge for his father, who was killed in Fast Five.

The new movie in the Fast and Furious franchise is set to be one of the best movies of this year, certainly in terms of spectacle. For more of the 2023 movies worth your time, check out our guides to The Equalizer 3 release date, the Oppenheimer release date, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 release date.