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Dwayne Johnson’s Fast movie seems to include this action movie star

Dwayne Johnson has a new Fast and Furious movie coming, and his co-star for the upcoming new movie might have been spoiled by this magazine listing the title.

Dwayne Johnson in Fast 8

You might have heard Dwayne Johnson returned to Fast and Furious recently. We couldn’t be happier, not least because Johnson confirmed he’s got another Fast and Furious movie coming (Editor: Another one to add to the Fast and Furious movies in order article then). Details are scant, but one report suggests the perfect co-star’s along for the ride.

The latest issue of Production Weekly makes mention of Dwayne Johnson‘s Fast comeback, but not quite in the way we expected. According to the publication, the new movie will be called Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Reyes. Yes, you read correctly, that’s not Hobbs and Shaw, but Hobbs and Reyes.

If you’ve not seen Fast X, Reyes is the Fast and Furious character played by Jason Momoa. He’s actually the movie villain, so we’re a little surprised to see him tag teaming with categorical good guy Luke Hobbs.

Then again, Momoa and Johnson? That’s money, and a great, explosive action movie to boot. Note: this might be just preliminary, but it’s a wrinkle that makes sense.

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This raises questions over the Hobbs and Shaw 2 release date. Where’s Jason Statham? Is he just not in this one? Him and Johnson seemed very chummy. Maybe that’s Johnson’s plan, to go through all the muscle men in the franchise one by one. Whatever the case, we’re in. Hobbs and Reyes release date when, Universal?

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