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New The Flash trailer coming “soon”

We haven't seen new content about The Flash for a while, but according to Barbara Muschietti, a producer on the DCEU movie, another trailer is coming soon

ezra miller the flash trailer soon

Ezra Miller was cast nearly eight years ago as the DCEU iteration of The Flash: appearing in projects like Justice League and TV series Peacemaker. A solo movie concerning The Flash has been a long time coming, but the action movie has been in development hell, with various issues such as the pandemic, VFX problems and a revolving door of directors and writers leading the film before Andy Muschetti, who directed horror movie IT, became the DC movie‘s final and permanent director.

Incorporating elements of time-travel and the multiverse, The Flash movie centres around the Scarlet Speedster as he tries to go back in time in order to prevent the murder of his mother, but this leads to him inadvertently blasting open the multiverse. This means that Barry Allen will encounter various versions of the DC heroes we know and love as he hurtles through various dimensions.

Confirmed cameos include Batman actors Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, but it has also been rumoured that, through old footage, classical DC heroes like Christopher Reeve’s Superman, Adam West’s Batman, and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman will also return.

A teaser trailer for The Flash was released at DC FanDome’s Expo in 2021, but since then, information about the movie, including a full trailer, has been sparse.

The science fiction movie was even pushed back to a June 2023, with additional VFX work being cited as the reason for the film’s latest delay. Ezra Miller’s high-profile arrests in Hawaii in recent months have also caused concerns to be raised about the film’s future, but it looks like the movie is pushing on with it’s planned schedule.

When Barbara Muschietti, a producer on The Flash and sister of Andrew Muschietti, was asked by a fan on Instagram when a full trailer for the film would be out, she responded that it would be “soon.” Of course, we don’t know how soon she means, but with her insider knowledge, its safe to assume we won’t have to be waiting for much longer.

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