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Robert Pattinson wants to see Robin die in a sequel to The Batman

The Batman star Robert Pattinson says he hopes any potential sequel to his upcoming DCEU movie include one particular storyline where Robin is killed

Robert Pattinson wants Robin to die in a sequel to The Batman

Robert Pattinson will not stop talking about The Batman, and we love him for it! But, out of context, his latest comments could be seen as something far more sinister than intended. You see, the Batman actor says he wants to see the Caped Crusader’s famous sidekick, Robin, die if there are any sequels to his upcoming action movie.

Don’t worry though, Pattinson doesn’t suddenly have a bloodlust raging inside him, or we don’t think so anyway. What he means is, he wants to explore the iconic Death in the Family storyline that we have seen in the Batman comics, where Robin meets an ill-fated end at the hands of the Dark Knight’s arch-nemesis, the Joker.

One thing has become apparent on the press tour for the imminent release of The Batman; Robert Pattinson is a huge fan of the character and always has been. His knowledge of the comics, and various animated movies, is impressive. And, his latest idea for the future of The Batman series sounds like one we can definitely get on board with.

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Pattinson revealed that he would be willing to take on the infamous Death in the Family storyline, but only if it was done right. “Yeah but he has to be 13. That’s the only way I’ll accept it!” joked Pattinson, referencing the fact that Batman sees his teenage apprentice die in his arms.

The actor went on to say, “People are so scared of it, that it’s kind of exciting. I think it would be a really fun addition.” And, this isn’t the first time Pattinson has spoken about the future of the franchise. Clearly he has his sights set on having a big future as Batman.

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Turns out he’s not the only one thinking about killing off Robin. Matt Reeves, who is taking the director’s chair for the superhero detective movie, also mentioned the storyline in his interview. “The question is, would we be too scared? I think we should try,” Reeves added.

We think they should try too! We have total faith that the latest movie in the DCEU will be a huge success. The Batman is in theatres March 4, 2022 and is set to be the longest Batman movie ever made.