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Nicholas Hoult could get ideal DC movies role after Superman rejection

Nicholas Houtl just lost out on being our next Superman actor, but there might be something for him in James Gunn's DC movies yet that's an even better fit.

Nicolas Hoult

We now know who the next Superman is, and sadly Nicolas Hoult didn’t get the part. However, he might not be done with the DCU just yet, because there’s another DC movies role he could be even more perfect for.

In The Hollywood Reporter‘s look into the prospective Superman actors screen-testing, it’s mentioned that while Hoult was up for Clark Kent, he was initially eyed for Lex Luthor. Now that David Corenswet been tapped for the Man of Steel, the conversation turns to Lex, for which Hoult might still be involved.

Nothing’s confirmed, but THR states James Gunn and Peter Safran wanted Hoult to play the movie villain first. It’s entirely plausible that he’ll be back in contention for Lex, although some of that depends on if he’s interested in portraying that DC character at all.

A longtime adversary of Batman and Superman, Lex Luthor has appeared in numerous superhero movies and TV series. In Gunn’s revamped DCU, Lex could play a pivotal role that challenges both the last son of Krypton and the caped crusader.

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Our eyes are on the Superman: Legacy release date and the Brave and the Bold release date for what might go down. Sadly, James Gunn’s been clear the next Batman’s not coming for some time yet. Hardly surprising since he has his hands full getting Superman up, up, and away at the minute.

Besides, we also have The Batman 2 release date coming up, and the Penguin show release date. Before either of those are the Aquaman 2 release date and the Blue Beetle release date. The new movies don’t stop! Check out our best movies list for more cinematic greats.