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The first DC horror movie finally has its director

Swamp Thing is coming to the DC Universe, with a new movie that now has a major director, with superhero movie experience, attached.

Swamp Thing is coming to the DC Universe with a new movie

It feels like horror movie fans get promised a lot by the superhero movie world. Every few years, the MCU or DC Universe offers up a new movie they claim is a bona fide scare-fest. They seldom deliver.

However, one of the DC movies in new studio boss James Gunn’s Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters plan certainly has horror potential – and it has now attached a big-name writer-director to get fans really excited.

Swamp Thing is set to provide a darker edge to the DC slate in the coming years, and now director James Mangold has confirmed long-standing rumours that he’s involved in bringing the elemental plant creature to screens.

During an interview with Collider at Star Wars Celebration – be sure to keep up with our guide of everything announced at Star Wars Celebration 2023 – Mangold officially revealed that he’s writing Swamp Thing, as well as his Star Wars movie.

He said: “The truth is, I’m writing both right now, and who knows what’s going to happen and what’s gonna blossom first or second? So there’s your thing, I’m doing Swamp Thing, there’s your scoop. It’s not a rumour, it’s happening. I put it online.”

Gunn himself gave the news his seal of approval on Twitter. “Of course when we started charting the course for the DCU one of the first people I talked to was the super talented [James Mangold] about writing and directing his passion project Swamp Thing.”

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Swamp Thing has the ability to inhabit and animate all plant and animal matter, including alien life. He previously came to the screen in a 2019 TV series, which was cancelled after a single season.

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