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Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow release date speculation, plot, and news

We're taking to the skies with the new Supergirl movie, Woman of Tomorrow. Here's what we know so far about the DC film's release date and more.

When is the Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow release date? DC Comics fans know Kara Zor-El is far from a gender-bent Superman, and we’re tantalizingly close to seeing Clark Kent’s spritely cousin on screen again.

James Gunn’s DCU announcement of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters unveiled a huge selection of new movies and TV series heading our way. One of those is Supergirl, so here’s everything we know about her big-screen adventure.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow release date speculation

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will likely be released before 2028. 

Supergirl, unlike some other projects, has had updates since its announcement, which makes us confident it won’t flail around in development hell for years.

However, the Superman Legacy release date is set for July 2025, Woman of Tomorrow’s script hasn’t been finished, and there’s no director attached.

It feels safe to assume that there will need to be a few degrees of separation between the cousins, and there will need to be time to finalize casting, crew, and market the film, so we think 2028 is as good a guess as any.

Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

What will Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow be about?

The Supergirl movie will take inspiration from Tom King’s comic book mini-series, which redefined Kara as a character and set her apart from Superman.

The Woman of Tomorrow mini-series was published in 2021 and 2022 by King and artist Bilquis Evely. In it, Kar Zor-El meets an alien girl called Ruthye, who is seeking justice in the wake of her father’s death.

We also now have confirmation Ana Nogueira will pen the script. Previously, she’d been tapped for the Flash spin-off of Supergirl. It looks like DC was impressed with her despite that movie not going forward.

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On DC.com, he said “she’s a much harsher and more f***ed up Supergirl than you’ve been used to thus far”

He also noted Kara’s unique qualities in the Gods and Monsters announcement video, saying “Superman is a guy sent to Earth and raised by loving parents, whereas Supergirl in this story, she is a character raised on a chunk of Krypton. She watched everybody around her perish in some terrible way, so she’s a much more jaded character.”

We’re so glad to hear this. Kara is so much more interesting than people give her credit for, mostly because of how she contrasts Clark. For those of us more drawn to angst than Boy Scouts, Kara is an accessible Kryptonian.

Supergirl will appear in The Flash movie, played by Sasha Calle

Who’s in the Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow cast?

No one has been officially confirmed as part of the Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow cast.

Colombian-American actor Sasha Calle appears as Kara Zor-El in The Flash, but this version — whose solo film was scrapped, sadly — is reportedly not the one we’ll be seeing in the new movie.

Arrowverse fans should also keep their excitement levels down, as it’s extremely unlikely that Melissa Benoist will return after playing Supergirl on TV across six seasons of her eponymous drama series. It’s a shame, really — splendid casting, iffy series (although we did like the Lena Luthor stuff, admittedly).

Benoist did do a classic ‘never say, never’ act. In a later interview with EW, Benoist said she was “not opposed to putting on the suit again, and I know there probably will be opportunities.” Well, opportunities don’t come much bigger than a call from James Gunn.

As we learn more about Superman Legacy and the rest of the DCU in its new form, we should have a better idea of whether any recurring characters could join the Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow cast.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow release date: Supergirl in the DC comics riding a Pegasus

Is there a Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow trailer?

Sadly, there is no Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow trailer just yet as the movie has not begun filming.

However, you can get some fresh info about the movie by watching James Gunn’s announcement video, in which he lays out his plans for the future of the DC Universe on big and small screens.

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