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Barry season 4 episode 5 - who are Clarke and Emily?

We just met Clarke and Emily in Barry season 4 episode 5, but their identity may be confusing for fans of the Bill Hader comedy series, so here's the lowdown.

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman in Barry season 4

Who are Clarke and Emily in Barry season 4 episode 5? Things are never straightforward in the world of Barry Berkman, and the latest episode introduces us to two new (sort of) new characters who require some explaining.

People come and go in the world of Barry fairly often, usually because he kills them. Throughout the episodes of Barry season 4, we have seen shocking plot twists and deaths, a prison break, and even a Guillermo del Toro cameo. Now, in Barry season 4 episode 5, two new names became a prominent focus of the comedy series.

But who are Clarke and Emily exactly? They look familiar but all is not what it seems. Warning, spoilers for the latest episode of Barry ahead!

Who are Clarke and Emily in Barry season 4 episode 5?

Clarke and Emily are the new names Barry and Sally have assumed after escaping their past life. The new episode of the drama series sees Barry season 4 time jump ahead eight years into the future, where Barry and Sally have started a new life in the Midwest.

Given their transgressions, the pair have taken on new identities in an attempt to stay hidden. It’s not clear at this stage whether this was part of some kind of witness protection deal Barry Berkman may have negotiated, or if the two took it upon themselves to conceal their past.

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Either way, the Barry cast pretty much has two new characters, as Clarke and Emily are very different to the people we knew previously. How this all plays out for them remains to be seen, so we’ll have to watch Barry season 4 episode 6 to find out.

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