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How many episodes are in Barry season 4?

If you're a fan of one of the best comedy series and want to know how many episodes are in Barry season 4, we've got you covered on the hitman's farewell.

Bill Hader returns in Barry season 4

How many episodes in Barry season 4? Bill Hader is back as the reluctant-ish titular hitman in the fascinating dark comedy series from HBO. The end of Barry season 3 saw the character finally cornered by the cops and locked up for his crimes, which left the fourth season with a lot of work to do from day one.

Created by Alec Berg and Hader, who is also one of the main writers and directors, Barry is one of the best TV series of recent years, and certainly one of the best comedy series on HBO – at least for those who like their laughs with a side order of murder. The series has followed Barry’s attempts to swap the world of contract killing for acting, only for the secrets of his past to get in the way over and over again.

The Barry season 4 release date marks the home stretch for the show, so we’ve taken a look at how many episodes are in Barry season 4, to let you know what to expect from the Barry cast as they prepare for the final farewell.

How many episodes are in Barry season 4?

Barry season 4 will run for a total of eight episodes, and Bill Hader has directed them all. As of May 22, there is just one episode remaining.

The first two episodes of Barry season 4 dropped on April 16, with the next six arriving one at a time, weekly, between now and May 28, 2023. Then, that’ll be it, whether the character rides off in the sunset or comes to some sort of sticky end, only time will tell.

Having directed a handful of episodes in each of the previous three seasons, Hader has become the permanent occupant of the director’s chair this time around. A bit greedy, but we’ll forgive him seeing as the whole show was partly his idea.

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