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Barry season 4 episode 3 - Guillermo del Toro’s cameo explained

Viewers will have seen a familiar face in Barry season 4 episode 3 as acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro made a cameo in the hit HBO series this week.

Guillermo del Toro in Netflix's Pinocchio behind the scenes documentary

Here’s Guillermo del Toro’s cameo explained in Barry season 4 episode 3. Viewers of the hit HBO series will have seen a very familiar face in the latest instalment, and here’s what it’s all about.

Barry has always had amazing actors coming and going through the years, but the Barry cast just added a pleasantly surprising face to its roster for the latest episode. If you watched Barry season 4 episode 3, you know what we’re talking about…

That’s right, we just got a Guillermo del Toro cameo in Barry season 4 episode 3, and we’re here to explain how and why the acclaimed fantasy movie director popped up in one of the best TV series around. Warning, spoilers for the latest episode of Barry lie ahead.

Guillermo del Toro cameo in Barry season 4 episode 3 explained

Guillermo del Toro plays a crime lord called Toro in the latest episode of Barry. Toro is hired by NoHo Hank to carry out a hit on Barry Berkman while he’s in prison. He explains he can send two of his best men to do the job, but this conversation leads to a hilarious argument with Hank about a gadget podcast.

Since the success of Barry, star and creator Bill Hader has found himself regarded as one of the best directors emerging in the industry right now, and has made himself some valuable friends along the way.

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Guillermo del Toro, a man responsible for some of the best movies of all time, is one of those friends. Apparently the legendary filmmaker was more than happy to help out with a little appearance in the hit comedy series. He didn’t make it easy for Hader, though, and decided to play lots of practical jokes on the actor-turned-director while they worked together.

Sadly, Barry is coming to an end, but here’s how to watch Barry season 4 episode 3, and a guide to how many episodes of Barry season 4 there is. Alternatively, look ahead to the True Detective season 4 release date for more HBO drama, or check out all the new movies coming this year.