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Barry season 4 episode 3 - how does Barry Berkman escape from prison?

In Barry season 4 episode 3 we see Barry Berkman escape from prison, and here's how the hitman manages to break free and what he might do next.

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman in Barry

How does Barry Berkman escape from prison in Barry season 4 episode 3? Bill Hader has created one of the most exciting shows around, and it continues to surprise us at every turn.

No one expected Barry to be quite as huge as it is, but Hader has delivered one of the best TV series around with his very funny, very violent comedy series. Starring in the Barry cast as the titular hitman, and writing and directing much of the show, Hader has entertained audiences for five years now, but all good things come to an end.

Before the big conclusion, Barry has a lot of cleaning up to do. So, how does Barry Berkman escape from prison in the latest episode of the thriller series? Warning, spoilers ahead.

How does Barry Berkman escape from prison?

Barry Berkman escapes from prison after a failed attempt on his life leads to the guards being distracted and Barry sneaking away.

After learning Barry has betrayed him and spoken to the FBI about their criminal collaborations, NoHo Hank decides he wants Barry dead. He arranges for a team of hitmen to take Barry out in prison, but things do not go to plan and the hitmen both end up dead, as do a whole host of FBI agents.

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In the aftermath of this chaos, the prison goes into lockdown and code red, but it’s too late as Barry has already made his escape. So, Barry is on the loose, and we imagine Hank will be fearing for his life now.

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