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Who does Jemaine Clement play in Avatar 2?

James Cameron's expanding his Avatar cast bringing in new faces like Kate Winslet Edie Falco, Bailey Bass, Jamie Falters, Britain Dalton, and Jemaine Clement

Who does Jemaine Clement play in Avatar 2?

Who does Jemaine Clement play in Avatar 2? After thirteen years, we’re finally back on Pandora and able to catch up with our old friends Jake and Neytiri, but they’re not the only ones we can expect to meet while exploring the moon’s oceans.

Director James Cameron’s expanded the Avatar 2 cast, and we saw a whole host of new faces in the science fiction movie. There’s Edie Falco, Bailey Bass, Jamie Falters, Britain Dalton, and plenty more. One surprising new cast member, though, is Jemaine Clement, best known for the comedy series Flight of the Conchords. So who does Jermain Clement play in Avatar 2?

Who does Jemaine Clement play in Avatar 2?

Jemaine Clement plays Ian Garvin, a biologist working with Scoresby, the lead hunter of the Tulkun — huge whale-like creatures native to Pandora.

Unlike Scoresby, however, Ian takes little pleasure in slaughtering the Tulkun and seems less than enthusiastic in his work. In fact, while extracting enzymes from the Tulkun’s brain, he seems downright upset.

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