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Cole Hauser has a simple way Morgan Freeman can join Yellowstone cast

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on Taylor Sheridan's hit TV series Yellowstone, has come up with an ingenious way for Morgan Freeman to join the cast.


Yellowstone has become known for attracting big Hollywood stars to the silver screen. From Kevin Costner as John Dutton to Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren heading the spin-off series, 1923, some of the brightest stars in the film industry are lining up to be a part of Taylor Sheridan’s neo-Western empire.

But which star will be next to appear in Yellowstone? Cole Hauser, who plays beloved Yellowstone character Rip Wheeler, sat down with IMDB for a video interview. When asked who would be his “dream cameo” for Yellowstone, his answer was clear — Morgan Freeman is the perfect person to join the Yellowstone cast.

“I would love to have Morgan Freeman,” the actor explained. “I just did a movie with him, and he loves the show and loves the Western world. As you know, he’s done some pretty spectacular stuff when it comes to it, but I’d really love to see Morgan Freeman on the show, and it would make him happy, and I love him dearly, so I would want to make him happy.”

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Freeman has a pretty impressive track records when it comes to Westerns. He played a major role in one of the best Clint Eastwood movies, Unforgiven — a film that is not only considered by critics to be one of the best Westerns of all time, but also one of three Westerns in history to win an Academy Award.

But how exactly would Freeman fit into the Yellowstone timeline? In a conversation with Hauser, which he recounted for IMDB, Freeman had a simple explanation. “[Freeman] was like, ‘Well, I could just come and play your uncle, Cole.’ I said, ‘Well, fair enough. I have curly hair, you have curly hair, we’d get away with it!”

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