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When does Wish come out on Disney Plus?

For fairytale fans, their biggest wish this year will be seeing the new Disney animated movie. So, when does Wish come out on Disney Plus?

When is Wish on Disney Plus: Asha looking at wishes

When is Wish on Disney Plus? In the kingdom of Rosas, wishes are valuable currency, and you’d better be careful who you give them to. This is the premise of the newest Disney adventure, Wish.

Wish has been in development at Disney for five years and finally arrived in November 2023. The new movie is playing in theaters, but if you prefer your Disney movies in the comfort of your own home, we’ve got you covered on whether Wish can be found on Disney’s home streaming service.

When does Wish come out on Disney Plus?

Disney hasn’t confirmed a streaming release date for Wish just yet, but we think early 2024 is the best bet.

Usually, we’d expect Disney to get the new animated movie up on the streaming service in time for Christmas, but that would give Wish a very short theatrical window. More likely, it’ll arrive in the New Year, since most House of Mouse movies usually have a theatrical run of at least 45 days.

That means we’d be looking at early February 2024. So, really, it’s not too long to wait before you can start singing along to the newest Disney songs in your own home.

In the meantime, be sure to check out what’s new on Disney Plus this month, and check out the best family movies you should be watching to pass the time. We’ll keep you updated on Wish’s streaming status.

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