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Ryan Reynolds jokingly reveals Hugh Jackman’s new job at Wrexham AFC

Hugh Jackman stopped by Wrexham AFC to kick off the new season, and Ryan Reynolds has taken away his position already due to a rather comedic internal mix up.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman smiling at the camera at a Wrexham AFC game

The new season for Wrexham AFC has started, and of course, Ryan Reynolds was in attendance. Not only was he there, it appears Welcome to Wrexham might have another A-list cameo, as Hugh Jackman has decided to stop by one of the best Disney Plus shows going.

In a post on Instagram, Reynolds celebrated getting back into the Wrexham spirit, including Jackman. Naturally, Reynolds had a joke at his honorary MCU co-star’s expense. “Big thanks to Hugh Jackman for his first and last day as ‘Admiral Vice Football Operations Ombudsman’ because I just found out you made the fucking title up,” Reynolds said.

The pair are working together towards the Deadpool 3 release date, although they’re currently not filming because of the 2023 Writers Strike and Actors Strike against poor treatment and compensation from major Hollywood studios. That’s alright though, because it’s us plenty of time to go over the Marvel movies in order and X-Men movies in order.

We actually only recently found out the Welcome to Wrexham season 2 release date. If you thought the first season of the drama series had some twists, just wait for this one. Wrexham AFC had an incredible season that’ll make for great television.

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Since premiering in August 2022, Welcome to Wrexham has become one of the best TV series if you enjoy heartwarming storytelling and football. The documentary covers Reynolds and Rob McElhenney becoming co-owners of Wrexham AFC, a historic but downtrodden Welsh football team.

In the course of their investment and encouragement, Wrexham AFC undergoes a massive transformation and upswing, gradually making their way back up the English league’s tables. The first season was as good as any of the best sports movies, and we’re sure the second will bring a repeat performance.

You don’t need to like football, either! Just good storytelling, and learning about cool communities. While we wait for more, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 just arrived on Disney Plus — use our link above to check that out. Our new on Disney Plus and best Disney Plus movies guides have more recommendations for you.