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Zendaya thought Uncharted sounded ridiculous when Tom Holland explained it to her

When Tom Holland tried to explain a stunt from his new movie Uncharted to Zendaya, she said it made no sense and sounded ridiculous

Zendaya thought Uncharted sounded ridiculous

Zendaya and Tom Holland appear to be the perfect couple whenever we see them in interviews. The Spider-Man: No Way Home pair are clearly very much in love, and are always so supportive of each other’s work and talents. But, they aren’t always on the same wavelength, it seems, as Zendaya says she thought Holland’s new action movie Uncharted sounded “ridiculous” when he explained it to her.

While the latest instalment in the MCU is still going strong in cinemas, Tom Holland is busy preparing for another big blockbuster release with his upcoming adventure movie Uncharted. During the press tour for the videogame movie, Holland has revealed what Zendaya thought of his next project when they were discussing Uncharted on the set of No Way Home.

Speaking on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Holland described the moment he told Zendaya about a particular stunt – where a car knocks him out of an aeroplane, you’ve all seen it a million times now – and her reaction was not quite what he hoped for.

Holland recalls trying to explain the wild stunt to his girlfriend: “I was trying to explain to her what Uncharted was about. And I was like ‘There’s this stunt I did where I fell out of an aeroplane…well, I get hit by a car that is falling out of an aeroplane,’ And she was like, ‘How on earth does that happen? This film sounds ridiculous!'”

As you can see from the trailer, it’s quite straight-forward, actually. But apparently, shooting the stunt was far from easy. Holland explains how the stunt had to be shot 17 times, and said “Uncharted’s stunts are the hardest” stunts he’s ever had to shoot.

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So, how did Holland clear up the confusion with Zendaya? His advice was simple: “You have to wait and se the film. It makes sense when you see the film, but me explaining it to you makes no sense at all!”

Let’s hope seeing the movie changes Zendaya’s mind! You can judge for yourself just how ridiculous Uncharted actually is, when the film drops in theatres on February 11, 2022.