Transformers 8 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

Paramount have confirmed Rise of the Beasts won't be the last of the Autobots and the Decepticons, so here's what we know of the Transformers 8 release date.

Bumblebee in Transformers Rise of the Beasts

What is the Transformers 8 release date? The long-running robot franchise has been a box-office juggernaut in the past, and we’re headed into a new age of Autobots and Decepticons.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is one of Summer 2023’s hot new movies. Or, at least, Paramount hopes it will be. It’s the seventh of the Transformers movies in order, and we know more are on their way.

We’re not just getting one more, we’re getting two. But let’s focus on the now: what’s the Transformers 8 release date?

Transformers 8 release date speculation

With heavy CGI, Transformers 8 won’t have a quick turnaround. With Rise of the Beasts having a summer 2023 release, we think the earliest guess for 8 is summer 2025.

Two years at the absolute minimum seems a good guess; it would be longer if the studio hadn’t already announced its plans for sequels. With untested franchises, there’s usually a wait for a green light. Transformers is far from untested — there’s a lot of it.

Transformers 8 release date: Anthony Ramos as Noah in Rise of the Beasts

Transformers 8 cast speculation

We think Transformers 8’s human cast will include Anthony Ramos and other characters from Rise of the Beasts.

We’ve been through a few cast cycles when it comes to this robot movie franchise: Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox kicked it off in the original Michael Bay movies, then Mark Wahlberg was the brand’s face for a few years. And let’s not forget Hailee Steinfeld from Bumblebee, who, if we’re honest, we would love to see back one day. That movie is underrated!

But Rise of the Beasts introduces Anthony Ramos as Noah Diaz, and we’d be surprised if he wasn’t continuing on. And, oh yeah, all the voice talent for the robots.

The possible Transformers 8 cast list:

  • Anthony Ramos as Noah Diaz
  • Dominique Fishback as Elena Wallace
  • Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
  • Pete Davidson as Mirage
  • Liza Koshy as Arcee
  • Cristo Fernández as Wheeljack
  • John DiMaggio as Stratosphere
  • Luna Lauren Vélez as Breanna Diaz
  • Tobe Nwigwe as Reek
  • Dean Scott Vazquez as Kris Dias

Optimus Prime in Transformers Rise of the Beasts

What is Transformers 8 about?

We think Transformers 8’s plot will have a new threat rise for Noah Diaz, his friends, and the Autobots to face.

This is hard to guess as of right now, but in Transformers movies there’s typically a threat that awakens, and the Autobots are called into action with their human companions dragged into the war. Why deviate now?

Rise of the Beasts saw Noah and Elena work together with the Autobots and Maximals, and now that they know all about the robotic world, we expect they’ll be pulled back into the fold.

Plus, we know that Noah and Mirage are together at the end of Rise, so it makes sense for the human and Autobot to work together again.

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Is there a Transformers 8 trailer?

We think we’ll get a Transformers 8 trailer in 2025 at the absolute earliest. There’s not one yet, and the answer depends on the release date.

Revisit the Transformers cast and characters of times past in the meantime, if you’d like.

Where can I watch Transformers 8?

You’ll be able to watch Transformers 8 in cinemas when it releases, then it’ll likely end up on Paramount Plus.

In the US and UK, the film will almost certainly get a theatrical release, playing exclusively, before going to the streaming service Paramount Plus. Paramount owns the IP, and the other movies stream there.

Until 8 comes out, check out how to watch Transformers Rise of the Beasts, read about the Transformers One release date, or find out what the best movies of all time are.