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Tom Cruise has one filmmaking goal, and we love it

Tom Cruise may be behind some of the most acclaimed and successful movies of all time, but the Mission Impossible star only has one filmmaking goal in mind.

Tom Cruise has one filmmaking goal, and we love it

When it comes to big screen talent, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, thanks to his starring in some of the best movies of all time. However, it turns out that Tom Cruise isn’t overly concerned with winning awards and acclaim. Instead, he has a humble filmmaking goal – to make cinema for everyone.

During an interview with IGN, Cruise not only promoted one of the most highly anticipated new movies of 2023, Mission Impossible 7, but he decided to open up about his approach to filmmaking as a whole. Now if you aren’t familiar with all the Tom Cruise movies floating around the cinematic history books, let’s just say that Cruise is an actor who has a well of experience and a tendency to pick projects that are majorly successful.

He led the Mission Impossible movies to fame, and has worked with the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson and Stanley Kubrick. In short, he is a man who knows Hollywood, and it turns out that his secret to success is making films for pure audience enjoyment, first and foremost.

“I make movies for audiences. I don’t really care about awards, either. When I make movies, I’m not thinking about that,” Cruise explained. “I’m literally thinking about that family that are going out to the theater for them to have that experience. You know, I believe to lead is to serve.”

He adds: “I make movies for the theaters and distribution. So when you look at the films that I have, it’s not about me. It’s about us. That is what I do.” The star went on to clarify that this goal of making cinema for everyone is what pushed him to insist that Top Gun 2 (aka one of the best airplane movies ever made) be shown in theatres.

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“I want that big screen experience for an audience,” he said. “I want for myself to watch, I want it for other filmmakers, and also, I want actors to have that opportunity where their movies come out in cinemas, and I want to show them out to do it.”

Judging from Top Gun: Maverick’s performance, Cruise is bang on the money with his approach to films. Top Gun 2 earned a whopping $1.496 billion worldwide and was nominated for six Academy Awards. It is also refreshing to see a star advocate for cinema during the current age of streaming, where some new releases go straight to a streaming service and perhaps don’t find the entire audience they’re looking for

Personally, we love Cruise’s approach and can’t wait to see what he delivers in the upcoming spy movie Mission Impossible once it hits theatres on July 12. In the meantime, here is our guide to the Mission Impossible cast and list of the best action movies ever made. Or, if you fancy more Top Gun fun, you can read our Top Gun 2 review.