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First new Lord of the Rings movie releases in less than a year

The first of the new Lord of the Rings movies is coming far sooner than you though, and we couldn't be more excited about the new movie.

Unless you’ve been living in the deepest depths of Moria, you’ll know that there are new Lord of the Rings movies coming down the tracks. These won’t be remakes of Peter Jackson’s fantasy movie trilogy, but will explore other stories in Middle-earth based on Tolkien’s writing. The first of these new movies, War of the Rohirrim, is now less than a year away.

The War of the Rohirrim release date is scheduled for April 12, 2024, which means that Lord of the Rings movie fans will be returning to Tolkien’s world in under a year. If that isn’t exciting enough, the details of the new movie will be sure to get that hype building.

War of the Rohirrim is an anime movie that will release in theatres, which is set to explore the kingdom of Rohan and its war against the neighbouring Dunlendings around 200 years prior to the War of the Ring. It will flesh out the lore of characters like Helm Hammerhand and Frealaf Hildeson, and give a closer look at the legendary story behind the fortress of Helm’s Deep.

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The War of the Rohirrim cast includes Miranda Otto as Eowyn, who will reprise her role from the Lord of the Rings movies as the narrator of the story, and Succession cast star Brian Cox as the voice of Helm Hammerhand, the king of Rohan. With epic battles and characters, War of the Rohirrim will no doubt rekindle a love of Middle-earth for many, and will be the first chance to see the world in gorgeous animation.

There is no War of the Rohirrim trailer yet, but there is beautiful concept art which gives a hint as to the visual direction of the movie. If all that doesn’t leave you excited, then we don’t know what will.

New Lord of the Rings movie: War of the Rohirrim concept art

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