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The Last of Us episode 8 – who is James? Troy Baker’s role explained

The Last of Us episode 8 introduced us to the deadly cannibal James played by the one and only Troy Baker, here's what you need to know about the hunter.

James (Played by Troy Baker) in The Last of Us

Who is James in The Last of Us? The newest episode of The Last of Us proved that while the cordyceps infection is dangerous, the real threat to Joel and Ellie is other survivors, especially the hungry ones.

Yes, in The Last of Us episode 8, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) uncovered a cannibalistic conspiracy worthy of the creepiest horror series. Led by the predatory (in the truest sense of the word) David (Scott Shepherd), this group from Silver Lake is probably the most dangerous threat our heroes have faced so far.

And while David was a terrifying foe, he wasn’t alone. He had help in the form of James. But who is James? And why does he seem so familiar to The Last of Us fans?

Who is James in The Last of Us?

James is David’s right-hand man and lieutenant. While he seems fanatically devoted to his leader, he doesn’t seem to agree with David’s decision to try and recruit Ellie to the cannibals.

As such, James goes out of his way to try and murder Ellie, and she eventually repays the favour by driving a machete into his throat, killing him. While we don’t learn a lot about James, we know he was one of the people aware of where Silver Lake’s meat was coming from, and his attempts to kill Ellie suggest he didn’t share all of David’s appetites.

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Who plays James in The Last of Us?

Troy Baker plays James. Baker’s best known for voicing Joel in The Last of Us videogames, but he’s also lent his voice to franchises like Uncharted, Borderlands, and Final Fantasy.

Baker’s also been a vice actor in a number of anime series, most notably Naruto, where he played the Akatsuki leader Pain and Yamato.

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