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When will Haunted Mansion be on Disney Plus?

Haunted Mansion was one of Disney's biggest new movies for 2023. Off the back of cinemas, it's time to look at when Haunted Mansion will be on Disney Plus.

When will Haunted Mansion be on Disney Plus?

When will Haunted Mansion be on Disney Plus? This summer, Disney took one of its most famous theme park rides and turned it into a family spookfest with Haunted Mansion. The results were, it’s fair to say, a little mixed.

This was actually Disney’s second attempt at a Haunted Mansion movie, with Eddie Murphy anchoring a 2003 adaptation. It was dubbed one of the worst movies of Murphy’s career by critics, but later acquired something of a cult following. This latest version stars Rosario Dawson as a single mother determined to exorcise her cavernous new home.

Find out more about what we thought in our Haunted Mansion review, but it’s now time to look to the best streaming services and ask: when will Haunted Mansion be on Disney Plus? If you’re not too spooked already, keep reading to find out.

When will Haunted Mansion be on Disney Plus?

Haunted Mansion was released on Disney Plus on Wednesday October 4, 2023, just in time for your Halloween movie line-up.

Obviously, it makes sense for a horror-adjacent release to arrive as a Halloween treat, but this also mimics the usual calendar for Disney Plus releases in recent years. Often, new movies take just 2-3 months to show up for streaming. The streamer is, of course, also home to almost all of the best Disney movies ever made.

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It joins the slate of the other best scary movies for kids on the platform, and will serve as one of the best Halloween movies for the entire family to watch. The original take on The Haunted Mansion is also available for streaming if you fancy joining the critical reassessment.

For more on the latest Haunted Mansion movie, find out why it nearly ruined parents’ lives for a hilarious reason and learn if you need to keep watching for a Haunted Mansion post-credits scene. You can also check out everything new on Disney Plus this month.

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