Mark Wahlberg really wants to make The Fighter 2

Mark Wahlberg, star of the upcoming videogame movie Uncharted, says he really wants to make a sequel for his Oscar-winning drama movie from 2010

Mark Wahlberg wants to make The Fighter 2

Uncharted star Mark Wahlberg has had a fairly long career in movies now, from comedy movies like Ted, to action movies such as the Transformers franchise. Out of all his work though, Wahlberg has said the one movie he would love to make a sequel to is his 2010 sports drama movie, The Fighter.

The actor is currently on a press tour promoting his upcoming adventure movie Uncharted, where he stars opposite Spider-Man star Tom Holland. Speaking to Screen Rant recently, Wahlberg revealed that the Oscar-winning movie from director David O. Russell, would be perfect for a trilogy of movies. And, as producer on the original movie, he’s in a good position to actually make it happen.

There would certainly be some demand for more The Fighter movies too, with the movie achieving success with audiences, critics, and awards bodies alike. The original movie was based on the true story of boxer Micky Ward, and the actor says there’s lots more to explore with that story. Whether Wahlberg, now 50-years-old, would be able, or willing to star in any sequel though, is a different matter.

The Fighter is a sports drama with heart and humanity, focusing not just on the action in the boxing ring, but also the struggles of Ward, and his brother Dicky, played by Batman star Christian Bale. While audiences did see Micky Ward lifting his welterweight title in the 2010 movie, we did not get to see any of his more famous fights.

In real life, Micky Ward went on to compete in three fights against rival boxer Arturo Gotti, one of which is dubbed “Fight of the Century”. And, Wahlberg thinks this would be perfect to bring to the big screen, claiming “The Fighter really lent itself for another movie because of Micky and Arturo Gotti’s trilogy.”

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Wahlberg has a lot on his plate however, so we shouldn’t get our hopes up for any further The Fighter movies, with Wahlberg saying, “I’m always kind of looking for the next thing.” Indeed, the actor has five roles lined up once Uncharted is out of the way, and a further three production credits to his name for the near future.

There is a chance though, with Wahlberg teasing: “If the audience really wants it, and we can make one better than the first then I’d be willing to do it again.” With Hollywood’s insatiable thirst for sequels and franchises at the moment, we wouldn’t be surprised to see The Fighter 2 hitting our screens at some point.

Wahlberg did admit however, that he may be “aging out” of the role of Micky Ward, so it may be that the character would be recast if any future projects do eventually get the greenlight. Only time will tell!