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Where did The Hand come from in Talk to Me?

If you've seen Talk to Me, then you know it's one of the best horror movies of the year. But what you don't know is where that haunted hand came from.

The Hand from Talk To Me

Where did The Hand come from in Talk to Me? First-time directors Danny and Michael Philippou have put together one of the creepiest horror debuts of the decade with the new movie Talk to Me.

Talk to Me follows Mia, a teen girl who comes into contact with a porcelain hand that allows her and her friends to contact the dead. It’s a simple concept but a brilliant one, and Talk To Me’s genuinely one of the best horror movies we’ve seen this year (Read our Talk to Me review for more on that), but the big question is, ‘Where did The Hand come from?‘ Warning: spoilers for the new A24 movie ahead.

Where did The Hand come from in Talk to Me?

The exact origin of The Hand in Talk to Me isn’t revealed, but the explanation given during the film is that it’s a real hand, taken from a deceased psychic or satanist (there’s some argument in the film), and encased in porcelain to allow people to talk to the dead.

As we say, the film never actually confirms this story, and we think that the origin of the hand is likely being saved for a sequel. All we know is that The Hand came to Joss after the death of its previous owner, Duckett, who’d been driven mad by the spirits attached to the demonic digits.

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