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Talk To Me ghosts explained

Talk To Me may just be the best horror movie we've seen this year (It's certainly the scariest). Here's everything you ned to know about the ghosts of The Hand.

Talk To Me Ghosts explained; Riley beomes possessed by the spirits of The Hand

What are the ghosts in Talk to Me? Ever since it debuted at Adelaide Film Festival, the horror community has been abuzz about Talk To Me, a terrifying tale penned by Danny Philippou and Bill Hinzman.

Talk To Me tells the story of Mia (Sophie Wilde), a teenage girl dealing with the loss of her mum who comes into contact with a porcelain hand that allows her to talk to the dead. Creepy right? Well, you don’t know the half of it. Talk to Me is easily one of the best horror movies we’ve seen this year, with our own Jessica Cullen awarding it a healthy four stars (Read our Talk to Me review here).

Of course, the thing about a good ghost story is that they’re often devilishly confusing, and this monster movie‘s no exception. So if you’re here, you’re inevitably looking for answers about the other side but don’t have a creepy porcelain hand to help you. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s everything we know about the ghosts in Talk to Me.

What are the ghosts in Talk to Me?

While there’s no central ghost causing chaos in Talk to Me, there are a number of evil entities that terrorize Mia, Riley, and their friends throughout the film. In fact, all the spirits summoned by the hand are implied to be ‘malicious’ in one way or another.

As Hayley says early in the film, if you let the spirit stay inside you for longer than 90 seconds, they try and stay with you. Similarly, we’re warned that the spirits will try and kill you while they’re inside your body so they can keep you forever.

Talk To Me ghosts explained: Mia holds The Hand in Talk To Me

That’s why the ghost that possesses Riley immediately starts to slam its head against the desk. It’s trying to kill the boy, so his spirit is trapped in whatever purgatory the ghosts exist in. We even get flashes of Riley’s displaced soul trapped in what appears to be an orgy of souls torturing the poor boy, although the scene is mercifully brief, so it’s hard to say for certain what was going on.

The only real recurring ghost is a spirit that takes the form of Mia’s mother, although it’s left ambiguous as to whether it’s actually her or another entity impersonating her. We see this ghost several times, and it initially seems quite benign, but by the end of the film, it manages to warp Mia’s sense of reality to the point she kills her father and very nearly murders Riley.

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It seems, to us at least, that the terrifying inference the audience is left to make is that in the world of Talk to Me, spirits are all driven insane by the nothingness they exist in. We actually witness this at the end when Mia’s disembodied soul is left alone in the darkness until the hand summons her again.

This purgatory warps the soul of a human into the malicious beings we see torture Mia and her friends. That means that Mia is, unfortunately, doomed to become the very thing she fought against in the film. Or at least, that’s our take on the ending.

Talk To Me Ghosts explained; Riley beomes possessed by the spirits of The Hand

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