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Was that really Mia’s mom in Talk To Me?

The new film Talk to me is one of the best horror movies we've seen this year but the ending confused us. Was that really Mia's mom or a manipulative ghost?

Was that really Mia's mom in Talk to me? Mia's possessed by The Hand

Was that really Mia’s mother in Talk To Me? If you’ve not seen the new horror film Talk to Me by Danny and Michael Philippou, then what are you doing here? Get out and come back when you’ve seen it.

Back already? Talk To Me is good, isn’t it? Yeah, we know, easily one of the best horror movies of the year. (Read our Talk to Me review if you don’t believe us.) Of course, if you’re here, you’re not looking to read what we thought of this spectacular ghost movie. You’ve got questions, haven’t you?

Specifically, you want to know whether that was really Mia’s mom in Talk to Me. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place, and we do have an answer for you. You just might not agree with us. Warning: spoilers ahead for the new A24 movie.

Was that really Mia’s mother in Talk To Me?

Talk to Me never confirms or denies whether the ghost Mia saw was really her mother or another spirit impersonating her in the hopes of manipulating the teenager. 

There’s evidence on both sides. The ghost knew things about Mia that she believed only her mother could know (Although Hayley seemed to believe that spirits could read the mind of those using The Hand), but it was also incredibly malicious and attempted to trick Mia into murdering Riley so it could torture him forever.

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The Digital Fix’s opinion

This isn’t something we normally do, but the question of whether that was really Mia’s mother has actually split The Digital Fix team. Tom Beasley and Jessica Cullen both believe the spirit was impersonating Mia’s mom for its own ends, while I think the opposite.

I believe the end of the film suggests that those trapped in purgatory, like Mia now is, are inevitably warped by the nothingness around them and become evil over time. So that was Mia’s mother. She’d just spent too long alone on the other side, which had twisted her into the creature we see in the film.

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