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Succession star gave a deeply embarrassing pitch to Quentin Tarantino

Nicholas Braun might not be that similar to his Succession character on the HBO drama series, but he's definitely had a Greg-esque encounter before.

Roman Roy in Succession

As one half of the Disguising Brothers and Tom’s own personal brand of Sporus, Cousin Greg has become something of an on-screen phenomenon during his tenure in the HBO drama series Succession.

While each of the Succession characters are truly awful in their own special way, Greg has captured the attention of audiences with his loveable awkwardness and abject sense of pathetic-ness. His unconfident quips and interjections are often the highlight of an episode.

That’s not to say Nicholas Braun, who brought Greg to life as part of the Succession cast, is necessarily as cringe-inducing as Greg. But there might be some semblance of truth to Greg’s endearing awkwardness, since Braun recalled an embarrassing encounter with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I’m plenty awkward. I’m awkward with famous people,” Braun says. “Quentin Tarantino is a good one. I was walking onto a plane. I wasn’t sitting in first class. I was walking past first class. This was a long time ago. This was like 12 years ago. I was like 21 or something.”

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“I’m walking through first class. I see him, ‘Holy shit, Quentin Tarantino.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god, there he is.’ And I had just done this Disney Channel Original Movie, DCOMs, anybody? And so this DCOM was called Minutemen, and so it had just come out and there was an ad for it on the back of a Tiger Beat magazine. They’re probably cancelled by now or something for taking pictures of young boys. And so the ad was on the back of this magazine and I got to my seat and I was like, ‘The Minutemen ad!’ And I tore it off the back of the Tiger Beat and I pushed past all the people that were coming further into the plane, which everybody hates that. Nobody likes the person going opposite.”

“And so I get up to first class and I look at him and he’s sitting on the window side so I sort of have to reach over a person and say, ‘Quentin, Quentin, I’m in this DCOM called Minutemen and it just came out and here’s the ad. That’s me!’ And the ad is three guys in snowsuits flying through time because they created a time travel machine. And so they want to go from dorks to heroes. ‘Zero to hero’ was the logline.

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“So I’m like, ‘Quentin, that’s me in this movie and I really hope to work with you someday. I think you’re the best. That’s all I got.’ And he looked at it, like it was a torn piece of paper, and he was like, ‘I hope so too.'”

At least the Kill Bill director had a friendly response to Braun’s unexpected stunted conversation.

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