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Succession season 4 – why didn’t Kendall’s kids come to the funeral?

Succession season 4 episode 9 had plenty of family drama for Kendall Roy. So, here's our guide breaking down why Kendall’s kids didn't come to Logan's funeral.

Succession season 4: Kendall Roy being hugged by his daughter Sophie

Why didn’t Kendall’s kids come to the funeral in Succession season 4? A chapter of Waystar history ended for good in the latest episode of the hit HBO show. However, some faces were missing from the grieving party.

Succession fans may have noticed that during the latest episode of the TV series, some Succession characters were absent for Logan Roy’s funeral. And, on top of threatening his ex, playing with the idea of heading to the courts, and nearly lying in front of a car, Kendall’s kids were among the list of absentees for the sad event.

But why were Kendall’s kids not at the funeral? What was Rava’s reasoning for keeping them away, and what does this mean for the future of Kendall’s family life in Succession as a whole? Well, we answer all your burning questions below. Warning, minor spoilers ahead.

Why didn’t Kendall’s kids come to the funeral?

Kendall’s kids didn’t come to Logan Roy’s funeral because their mom didn’t think it was safe to stay in New York. That’s right, Kendall was all alone at his dad’s final send-off during Succession season 4 episode 9 – but before we all start throwing Rava under the bus, the decision was actually the right call.

In the latest episode of Succession, fans saw that the streets of New York were filled with protestors following the US election night. Remember how ATN backed the pseudo-fascist presidential candidate Jeryd Mencken in Succession season 4 episode 8?

Well, his supporters aren’t fans of people who aren’t from the US, or look slightly different to them either. And since Kendall’s adoptive daughter isn’t white, Rava makes the call to protect her family first and foremost.

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Obviously, Kendall isn’t happy with the decision and even asks his assistant to set up a meeting with lawyers for custody. But, let’s be honest, Rava did the responsible thing and offered Kendall an alternative of their family holding a memorial for Logan instead. Still, Kendall is on a bit of a war path right now, since he’s losing control of Waystar thanks to the GoJo deal – so we expect to see him fight with Rava once again in the upcoming series finale.

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