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Harrison Ford reveals how he knew Star Wars would be successful

There are many reasons the Star Wars movies took off, but Harrison Ford believes one particular thing unifies that franchise and Indiana Jones in success.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars

In retrospect, you could give so many reasons for why Star Wars was successful. People were ready for a blockbuster, nobody had quite channeled pulp storytelling so well, and the effects and performances. Harrison Ford has his own reading on what made Star Wars special, pointing out what made one of the best science fiction movies seem worthwhile from the jump.

“I thought, ‘This is a fairy tale’,” he told Inquirer about how he know Star Wars was great. “This kind of story has always been successful, whether it’s a written or filmed fairy tale. At that point in my career, it didn’t matter to me that the film would become hugely successful and end up changing movie history.”

Ford mentions that the first Star Wars movie definitely would’ve seem strange to some. The Star Wars cast was full of oddities, like Darth Vader and Chewbacca, but you’ve also got several archetypes that make for a reliable narrative.

“Like, there’s a seven-foot-tall man in a dog suit. There’s also a beautiful princess, a wise old warrior and a callow youth,” he states. “Then, there’s a smartass – I know the part I play. And it’s fun!”

Fun it is, Star Wars captured the swashbuckling energy of adventure movies and the pure escapism of roaming the galaxy and put them together. George and Marcia Lucas knew how to make a great, kinetic action movie that enthralled everyone. That same magic would be channeled into the Indiana Jones movies.

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“It’s the same thing with Indiana Jones, except that it’s not a fairy tale.,” Ford adds. “It’s a different kind of construction, but it is recognizable as the kind of film that is broadly enjoyed by moviegoers from all walks of life. It’s so much fun to watch these films because they’re beautifully written.”

He finishes by simply adding: “So, it’s been nothing but joy for me.” And if there’s one thing you can feel across both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, it’s that.

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