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Jon Favreau says this is how Anakin vs Luke Skywalker would go down

The creator of The Mandalorian has weighed in on a big debate about a possible lightsaber battle between two of the best Star Wars characters.

Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker could face off in a bout of Star Wars characters

Jon Favreau definitely knows his Star Wars. He’s the showrunner behind the best Star Wars series – we already love The Mandalorian season 3 – and gave the world Baby Yoda, which is a gift for which none of us can ever thank him enough.

He has earned himself a licence to weigh in on the Star Wars movies pretty much whenever he wants, including which Star Wars characters would win if they fought a lightsaber duel to the death in the prime of their powers on the Star Wars timeline.

In a chat with The Cyber Nerds about The Mandalorian season 3, Favreau was asked who would come out on top in a Skywalker family showdown between a prime Anakin Skywalker, around the time of his Darth Vader heel turn, and a prime Luke Skywalker.

“I think it has to be Anakin, right? I mean is has to be,” said Favreau. “We saw a little bit of prime Luke with what we did [in The Mandalorian season 2], we alluded to it, but who knows what he’s been off to? But Anakin faced so many more challenges. He was in his prime in a more dynamic period in Star Wars history.'”

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Favreau’s word on the debate is unlikely to be definitive, and this is a subject Star Wars fans will feverishly discuss forever. But for Favreau, it’s one of the best Star Wars villains who would emerge victorious.

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