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Star Trek Section 31 release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

Michelle Yeoh is back in the Star Trek universe and that's enough to get anybody excited. So here's what we know about Section 31 and Emperor Georgiou's return.

Star Trek Section 31 release date - Michelle Yeoh returns as Emperor Georgiou

Star Trek is officially in an era of resurgence. Though Picard ended and Discovery is concluding too, Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks are keeping things alive with glorious new adventures. Soon, we’ll be able to add the Star Trek Section 31 release date to our calendars.

Building on recent success, the new Star Trek movie has been officially confirmed, and it’s set to star one of the fan-favorite Star Trek characters from Discovery. We are, of course, talking about Emperor Philippa Georgiou, who will once again be portrayed by Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh. Section 31 will join the long history of Star Trek movies, but also promises to be an entirely fresh addition to the Star Trek timeline. There’s lots to be excited about, so let’s dive in.

Star Trek Section 31 release date speculation

We think we’ll get to see Star Trek Section 31 towards the end of 2024 or the start of 2025.

No specific date has been confirmed, though we know that the 2023 Writers Strike and the ongoing 2023 Actors Strike have put a spanner in the works of this particular starship.

Star Trek Section 31 was officially confirmed on April 18, 2023, after years of speculation, including the idea it might be a Star Trek series instead. Keeping things ticking over will be Olatunde Osunsanmi as the director (having previously worked heavily on Discovery) with Craig Sweeny, who also has a background in Discovery, taking charge of the script.

Michelle Yeoh, for her part, is making sure Section 31 will still happen. Given the fact she must have offers coming out of her ears thanks to that Oscar win, we love that she’s using all of that clout to return to Star Trek. Producer Alex Kurtzman called her an “extraordinary person”, and we have to agree.

Star Trek Section 31 release date - Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou

Star Trek Section 31 cast speculation

There is currently only one Star Trek Section 31 cast member confirmed: Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Georgiou.

It’s likely that while there will also be other Star Trek actors returning as their characters at some point (although we can’t say who, more on that in the plot section), the Star Trek Section 31 cast will most likely feature new characters.

This is because it is not a direct continuation (or prequel) to a series, though it does have strong links to Discovery. It will also revolve around Section 31, and the characters we meet from the organization will probably be new to the audience… probably.

The Star Trek Section 31 cast list:

  • Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Phillipa Georgiou

Star trek Section 31 - Doctor Bashir in DS9

What will happen in Star Trek Section 31?

The Star Trek Section 31 plot will explore the workings of Section 31 and Phillipa Georgiou’s involvement in the shadowy organization.

The details of this are potentially the most exciting aspect of any new movies in the Trek world because there’s so much scope for where Section 31 could focus.

When the project was first announced, it was dubbed a blend of Mission Impossible and Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile, the official statement gives a very vague overview of the Star Trek Section 31 plot, saying Georgiou “joins a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets and faces the sins of her past”.

That doesn’t give much away, and our biggest question is: in what part of the timeline is Star Trek Section 31 due to be set? At the end of Discovery season 3, Georgiou traveled back in time and left the 32nd century. However, it was never confirmed what time she went back to.

Now we’ll find out. Will she go back to the pre-TOS era and help found Section 31? Will she show up in the 24th century and influence Section 31 activity during the Dominion War? What about the new 25th century, as seen in Star Trek Picard season 3? So much exciting potential and it means we could end up seeing lots of familiar faces.

Star Trek Section 31 release date - Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou

Is there a Star Trek Section 31 trailer?

There is currently no Star Trek Section 31 trailer, unfortunately, as production hasn’t yet begun.

When cameras start rolling, which was originally due to be before the end of 2023, we may start to get official images and a teaser before a full trailer is finally revealed.

But the good news is you can use the waiting time to revisit some of Yeoh’s coolest moments from Discovery, one of the best TV series in Trek history.

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Where can I watch Star Trek Section 31?

Star Trek Section 31 will be available to watch exclusively on the streaming service Paramount Plus upon its release.

Paramount Plus is the home of the majority of Star Trek content, with all of the new Star Trek series debuting on the platform, which also hosts the best movies in the franchise. So head over there now and get your fill of Trek, as well as everything else that’s new on Paramount Plus.

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