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Despite Star Trek, Patrick Stewart doesn’t care about sci-fi at all

Despite playing one of TNG's best Star Trek characters in Generations and Picard, Patrick Stewart doesn't actually much care for sci-fi series and movies.

Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard grinning on TNG

Even though he plays iconic sci-fi characters in Star Trek and Marvel movies, Star Trek‘s best actor of all time, Patrick Stewart, doesn’t consider himself much of a fan of the best sci-fi series and movies.

He cemented himself as one of our favorite Star Trek captains well before Picard came to Paramount Plus, but the X-Men star’s talent means he can immerse himself in any genre, even if it doesn’t fit with his interests.

And in a 1994 interview with take2markTV for Star Trek: Generations, Stewart explained his position. You can watch the interview below.

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Stewart said, “By choice, science-fiction plays no part in my life at all. I don’t have a particular interest in it. And yet, there has been this repetition of science-fiction, and fantasy [in my career], of course, because I was in Excalibur too.”

If your ears have perked up like a Vulcan, don’t worry, ours have too. It’s certainly curious to hear that a man so crucial to the genre doesn’t often paddle in its cosmic waters outside of his professional ties to it. This reflects Stewart’s history as a stage actor, and his Shakespearean background which he put to good use throughout TNG despite his lack of interest in sci-fi.

He did make mention of one divisive David Lynch, movie, however. “By the way, I think Dune is a very good movie and I think it will be around for a long, long time to come.”

Young movie fans these days may be more concerned with the Dune 2 release date than an odd relic from one of the best directors of all time, known for his strange and cerebral approach, but he wasn’t wrong, we’re still mentioning it.

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