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Patrick Stewart wants a final Star Trek movie, and they should make it

If anyone gets a say on whether we should have more Star Trek movies, it's Captain Picard himself, Patrick Stewart. And if he's game to make it, we'll watch.

Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek Next Generation

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original Star Trek show, or perhaps more partial to the many spin-offs and reboots, it can’t be denied that Patrick Stewart is one of the best there ever was. And as one of the best actors of all time, we should be thrilled and thankful to see him in anything.

But Patrick Stewart returning in a brand new Star Trek feature film may just be something that sounds too good to be true. There are already a momentous number of Star Trek movies, but we’ve never had one that follows Picard in his older years as his own TV series does.

But when reflecting on his history with the character, and what might be next for the Star Trek cast member, Stewart admitted that he did have an idea for a Picard adventure he’d love to see. (And upon hearing it, so would we!)

“I think we could do a movie, a Picard-based movie,” he said [via IndieWire]. “Now not necessarily at all about Picard but about all of us. And to take many of those wonderful elements, particularly from Season 3 of Picard and take out of that what I think could be an extraordinary movie.”

You’d think that if Patrick Stewart wants a Picard movie, those at the top would be scrambling to make it happen. Sadly, try as he might, there doesn’t seem to be much response to the idea, apparently.

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“I keep telling people and mentioning it, and so far there’s been no eager response, but it might well happen,” he added. “And that would be I think a very appropriate way to say, ‘And goodbye folks.’”

Sounds like a Picard movie could stand to be an emotional ride as as well as an exciting sci-fi adventure. Quite frankly, we’d be queuing out the door for a feature length goodbye for one of the best Star Trek captains.

Of course, that’s not to say that we haven’t seen Stewart play Picard on the big screen before. After his Star Trek series ended, he reprised the role in no less than four Star Trek movies, including Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis. Still, can we ever really get enough of the man? We don’t think so.

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