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Spider-Verse 2: 10 alternate versions of Spider-Man we want to see

Spider-Verse 2 is on the way and it seems Miles and Gwen are going to need help to save the multiverse, but what Spider-Man characters should join them?

Spider-Verse 2 characters: header

With Spider-Verse 2 getting a long-awaited teaser, we’re finally ready to travel the multiverse again. In the brief but colourful trailer for the upcoming animated movie, we see that this time it’ll be Miles travelling the multiverse, meeting all kinds of different Spider-Men along the way.

It’s not all fun and games for New York’s new Spider-Man. We see in the trailer that he’ll be battling Spider-Man 2099 (Oscar Isaac), but this futuristic version of the Wallcrawler isn’t the only foe Miles has to face. Apparently, the film sees a new team of Spider-People form to “face-off against a villain more powerful than anything they have ever encountered”.

This got us thinking, though, Into the Spider-Verse didn’t even scrape the surface of different Spider-People out there. So who might join this new amazing team? We know that Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson) and Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld) will make an appearance, and Issa Rae will be joining the team as Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, but who else might join this new team of web warriors.

The 10 new Spider-Men we want to see in Spider-Verse 2

  • Zombie Spider-Man
  • Spiders-Man
  • Silk
  • Spider-UK
  • Mayday Parker
  • Spider-Man (PlayStation)
  • Japanese Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro)
  • Lady Spider
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Superior Spider-Man

Spider-verse 2 characters: Zombie Spider-Man

Zombie Spider-Man

Precisely what he sounds like, Zombie Spider-Man is a version of the Web-Slinger infected with an undead virus who became a cannibalistic ghoul. Unlike the walkers in classic zombie movies, though, Peter retains his intelligence, meaning even in undeath, and still feels guilty about devouring the flesh of the living. While that might be a bit dark for a kids movie, we think there’s fun to be had with a zombie who loves eating people; he just feels terrible about it.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Spiders-Man


Easily the most horrific Spider-Man on this list (yes, even worse than the zombie Wallcralwer), this technically isn’t Peter Parker. No, Spiders-Man is a collection of mutated spiders who ate the real Peter Parker and absorbed his consciousness, forming into a hive mind.

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The spiders effectively masquerade as the man they ate, protecting their version of New York from threats and menaces. While he sounds like something from a Cronenberg horror movie Spiders-Man is a darkly funny character in the comics, we can see him fitting in (in a warped kind of way) with the rest of the misfit Spider-People.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Silk


Peter Parker wasn’t the only person bitten by that darn radioactive spider. Moments after it bit Peter, it had a nibble on Cindy Moon’s ankle, giving her spectacular spider-powers as well. Unlike Peter, though Cindy was convinced by a man named Ezekiel (don’t ask) to hide in a bunker.

Why? Well, he told her about a race of beings known as Inheritors who scoured the multiverse devouring spider-powered people. Eventually, Peter learned of her existence and set Cindy free. This had the unfortunate side-effect of summoning the Inheritors – kicking off the original Spider-Verse event.

Once Spidey and Cindy had taken care of the Inheritors, Cindy took on the superhero identity Silk to fight crime.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Spider-UK


Introduced during the Spider-Verse comic book event, Spider-UK’s real name is Billy Braddock. Billy is his universe’s version of Captain Britain (who also has spider-powers) and helps to guard the multiverse against peril.

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When the Inheritors start attacking Spider-People across the multiverse, he’s one of the alternate Spider-Men who rallies the troops forming his own spider-super team, The Web Warriors. With protecting the multiverse in his job title, it’d make a lot of sense to bring Spider-UK into Spider-Verse 2.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Mayday Parker

Mayday Parker

The daughter of Peter and Mary-Jane Parker, Mayday is from a universe where her father retired from superheroics after one final battle with the Green Goblin. Initially unaware of her father’s past, when Mayday hits puberty, she spontaneously develops her own spider-powers.

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Blessed with great powers like her father before her, Mayday became a superhero adopting the moniker of Spider-Girl. Along the way, she joins a new generation of Avengers, battles new versions of her father’s old enemies, and even travels the multiverse when the Inheritors attack.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Spider-Man Playstation

Spider-Man (Playstation)

The version of Spider-Man introduced in the PlayStation videogame, this iteration of the character is a little more gadget focussed than other Spidey variants.

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With his web bombs, spider-bots, and taser webs, the character could bring some much-needed versatility to the Spider-Verse team.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Takuya Yamashiro

Japanese Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro)

Known colloquially as the Japanese Spider-Man, Takuya Yamashiro first appeared in a Toei Company TV series, loosely inspired by the Marvel Comics. This variant’s real name is Takuya Yamashiro, and his powers come from an alien known as Garia, the last surviving warrior of Planet Spider.

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He has all the same abilities as Peter Parker, with one major difference. He also has a humungous and ultra-powerful robot called Leopardon that he uses to battle giant enemies. That’s basically the reason we included him on this list because giant robots are awesome.

It has actually been confirmed that Takuya has been designed and may appear in the film. We can only presume that’s because the film’s writers share our predilection for mecha.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Lady-Spider

Lady Spider

A female steampunk version of Spider-Man, Lady Spider, doesn’t have spider-powers. What she does have is an incredible intellect which she uses to invent some powerful steam-powered spider-legs. Lady Spider uses her incredible invention to battle Victorian versions of Peter’s classic rogue’s gallery.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider

When we say the Scarlet Spider, who we actually mean is Ben Reilly, Peter’s unfortunate clone. Reilly was created by the Spider-Man villain, the Jackal, as part of a plot to ruin Peter’s life. The original Spider-Man thought his clone had perished in their initial battle, but in reality, he survived.

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Adopting the name Ben Reilly (Ben from his uncle and Reilly was Aunt May’s maiden name), the clone left New York believing himself a genetic abomination. When Aunt May fell ill, the clone returned to pay his respects to his dying aunt and clashed with Peter once again.

Blood (even cloned blood) is thicker than water, though, and eventually, Peter and Ben became friends. Ben adopted his own superheroic identity, the Scarlet Spider and has even replaced Peter as New York’s official Spider-Man on more than one occasion.

Spider-verse 2 characters: Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man

When Doc Ock learned he was dying, he hatched one last grand plan to take revenge on his nemesis, the amazing Spider-Man. Using a specially designed robot, Ock swapped consciousnesses with Spider-Man and left Peter to die in his old body.

Before he passed away, though, Peter forced Otto to relive every painful memory he’d ever experienced, giving the former villain a new, more heroic, perspective on life. As Peter died, Otto promised he’d take on the superhero’s mantle himself, becoming a better, more superior Spider-Man than Parker ever was.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and the Superior Spider-Man was a violent vigilante who had more in common with the villains he fought than his fellow heroes. Still, this dark version of the Wallcrawler was tremendously entertaining and would make a wonderful foil to his goofier multiversal counterparts.