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Saw X stream will test if you could survive Jigsaw for real

With Saw X nearly upon us, fans of the horror movie franchise are thinking about Jigsaw's traps again, and we can now find out if we'd survive his games.

Jigsaw from Saw X

If you have ever watched a Saw movie and thought to yourself, ‘Look at these idiots in their traps, I could easily escape that,’ well, your time has come. To celebrate the upcoming release of the latest chapter in the franchise, there will be a livestream which puts users into Jigsaw’s little game.

The Saw franchise is a most unusual beast. Some of its entries, mostly the early films, have established themselves as some of the best horror movies of all time. However, some of the installments in the saga have a case for being some of the worst movies around. With the Saw X release date almost here, fans are hopeful that this new movie can be a return to form.

One of the main elements that has helped the Saw franchise spawn some of the best body horror movies of the modern era is the fact that we as viewers can’t help but wonder what would happen if we were in these grisly situations.

Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Xbox, anyone who’s ever claimed they could survive Jigsaw’s tricks has a chance to prove themselves. On September 27 at 11am PST/2pm EST/7pm GMT on the Xbox Twitch channel, an interactive livestream will allow users to fight their way through a Saw trap, for real.

Players will use Twitch commands to unlock the puzzles and free themselves from the traps, with big prizes up for grabs. Anyone who has watched the Saw movies in order will recognize the situations facing the players, as the game will involve classic scenarios from the films.

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Sounds pretty gnarly, right? We’re not sure we dare enter the game, but please do be our guest. While you wait for the stream to start, you may be curios about the Saw X age rating, and when Saw X takes place in the timeline.

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