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Smile 2 release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more news

Those terrifying grins are back for more. Smile was one of the best horror movies of 2022, so we can't wait for a Smile 2 release date to keep scares coming.

Smile 2 release date

What is the Smile 2 release date? The horror genre is in great shape right now, but it’s still quite rare for a truly original, non-franchise horror movie to truly get under our skin. Thank goodness, then, for Smile.

Smile became one of the scariest films we’ve seen in years, standing firmly among the best horror movies of 2022. It told a genuinely creepy tale of a woman trying to escape from an entity with only one goal. It wanted her to take her own life in violent fashion, and it wanted someone else to watch. Truly chilling. And we’ll never forget those gruesome smiling faces.

The movie wowed audiences to the tune of more than $200m at the worldwide box office, which made a Smile 2 release date a question of when rather than if. Parker Finn is now officially coming back as writer and director, continuing his vision. So fans of the best ghost movies and the best body horror movies need to assemble because this is one of the new movies for horror fans we all should be excited to see.

Smile 2 release date

We’re ready to be terrified all over again as the Smile 2 release date is confirmed for Friday, October 18, 2024. Halloween plans sorted? We think so.

Paramount Pictures officially announced the sequel’s release date in September 2023, showing they have real faith in Smile as a future horror movie series. That gives a year for Parker Finn and his team to whip this movie into shape, assuming there are no delays due to the 2023 Writers Strike and 2023 Actors Strike.

Smile 2 follows up one of the best horror movies of 2022

Who’s in the Smile 2 cast?

Kyle Gallner could return to the Smile 2 cast as Joel, but we think it’s unlikely that we’ll see any more of the original actors again.

In fact, the star has already told The Digital Fix that he’s up for making a big return. In our Kyle Gallner interview, he said: “Absolutely. I would totally come back … I think there’s a lot to explore in this world. I think it would be a lot of fun.”

Other than Gallner, it’s difficult to imagine that anybody else will be back. After all, most of the key characters were killed off. However, it’s possible that we might see Holly (Gillian Zinser) – sister of Sosie Bacon’s doomed protagonist – again.

Possible Smile 2 cast list:

  • Kyle Gallner as Joel
  • Gillian Zinser as Holly

Smile made us terrified of anyone looking happy

What will Smile 2 be about?

The Smile 2 plot will continue the story of an entity, feeding on the trauma created by its terrifying evil scheme. The entity possesses people and forces them to kill themselves in front of others, passing on the curse and the trauma.

In terms of the actual plot, we know that one thing Finn won’t be doing is demystifying his demonic entity. He said in various interviews that he doesn’t want to delve too deeply into the entity’s backstory, saying he believes mystery to be scarier. We definitely agree with that.

Finn also revealed that he left various facets of the story deliberately unexplored in the first movie. He made it clear that he wouldn’t return to Smile to simply retread old ground, so we can expect something totally different.

We’d suggest that we might get more information on the lore surrounding the entity and how to beat it. In the first film, we learned that killing someone in front of a witness could pass the curse on without you having to die. So we hope that, in the style of the Final Destination franchise, there’s a new wrinkle introduced to the lore in Smile 2.

Sosie Bacon is unlikely to return for Smile 2

Is there a Smile 2 trailer?

Smile 2 hasn’t begun filming yet, so there isn’t a trailer, and won’t be until much closer to that 2024 release date.

But we don’t want you leaving empty-handed, so here’s a behind-the-scenes featurette about the first movie’s uniquely scary concept. We’ve never stopped thinking about those horrifying smiles.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch Smile 2?

Smile 2, like the first movie, will be exclusive to cinemas at first. The big screen really is the best way to experience these spooky thrills.

That’s everything we know about Smile 2 for now. But if you want to know more, have a read of our Smile review and learn why the faces in Smile are so terrifying. We also have a Judy Reyes interview if you want to learn more about the making of the movie and you can find out why a Smile scene had to be changed to avoid seizures.

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