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The best action movie of 2023 is getting a Netflix series

It hit very hard indeed over two hours, so we're sure that one of the most thrilling Netflix movies ever will pack plenty into a TV series.

One of 2023's best action movies is getting a Netflix series

There’s a scene in Extraction 2 in which Chris Hemsworth punches a man while his own arm is on fire. That’s enough on its own to make the new Netflix film one of the most memorable action flicks of 2023. Sure enough, the story of Tyler Rake is due to continue – as a TV series as well as a movie franchise.

Netflix has given us two of its best action movies with the Extraction films, and we’re now on the way to a TV series alongside the Extraction 3 release date. Given the amount of action that director Sam Hargrave has packed into two-hour bursts, we can’t wait to see how much chaos he can cram into a longform story. It’s bad news for Chris Hemsworth’s body, we suspect.

A new report by Bloomberg revealed that an Extraction series is in the pipeline, along with two spin-offs from one of the UK’s best TV series, Peaky Blinders. Netflix is very much digging deeper into the franchise business, it seems, milking its best movies and shows for more.

There’s no more detail about whether the series will feature more Tyler Rake adventures, or whether we’ll be exploring a different corner of the universe established in some of the best Netflix movies. This is a world of organised crime and murky intelligence agencies, so there’s plenty of potential.

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In particular, we’d love to see Hargrave’s trademark single-take action scenes reach their logical conclusion – an entire episode designed to look like a single take. We’ve seen the long-take style used to great effect by the likes of The Haunting of Hill House and Boiling Point on the small screen in recent years, but this would be a new level.

We’ll be keeping a close eye for updates on when the Extraction TV series will arrive. If it’s anything like the new movies, which sacrifice character and plot for balls-to-the-wall chaos, then we’re in for something special.

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