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Extraction 2 cut shockingly violent moment inspired by Captain America

Netflix's new movie Extraction 2 is making waves with Chris Hemsworth's return as Tyler Rake. But even in a film filled with violence, this took things too far.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2

Extraction 2 has arrived, and the sequel to Extraction is living up to all the hype created by one of the best action movies in years. Chris Hemsworth‘s Tyler Rake returns to do more punching, shooting, throwing, exploding, smashing, crashing, and bashing, and it’s a sight to behold.

Swapping Dhaka for Georgia, the new movie on Netflix features some truly breath-taking moments. There are extended ‘one take’ sequences, stunts on trains, and Hemsworth’s Rake even fights while on fire. If that’s not enough to get your adrenaline pumping, then nothing will.

With all the violence and chaos, it’s hard to believe that there’s anything that was too brutal to include in the movie. However, speaking with Dexerto, director Sam Hargrave revealed there were one or two ideas for kills which were left out of the movie because they might have taken things too far. And one of them had an MCU movie edge.

“The stunt team gets in there and they see a room like that [gym] and – myself included – we look and go, ‘What are the thousand ways you can kill somebody with all this different gear? How do we curate that and pick the most exciting ones or the freshest ones?’” Hargraves says, sharing how the team generate ideas for their kills.

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“There were suggestions to use a barbell as a spear. We were gonna use one of the weight plates as a Captain America shield and throw it and get a guy in the throat. You know, all of those things are cool and they’d be fun if in a different movie – or maybe in another Extraction movie, who knows – but we tried to temper our childlike excitement in that world because there’s so many opportunities.”

A weight plate to the throat? Ouch. Even in a movie filled with hard hitting moments, it sounds like that (and the barbell spear) might have taken things a little too far. Or, maybe not, and maybe Hemsworth would have relished the chance to channel his inner Steve Rogers and throw discs at the movie’s many goons.

Either way, it sounds like Hargrave is open to upping the ante even further, should there be another sequel. For more on that, check out our guide to the Extraction 3 release date before taking a look at our guide to what’s new on Netflix.

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