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Secret Invasion — Flora colossus explained

The new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion has taken Nick Fury to the brink as he tries to save the world from the Super-Skrulls, but what is a Flora colossus?

Flora colossus in Secret Invasion explained: Gravik and Groot

What is a Flora colossus? The new Disney Plus series Secret Invasion sees Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) desperately trying to stop a group of rebel Skrulls from taking over the Earth without the help of the Avengers.

That may sound easy enough, but the Skrulls have created a deadly new threat, unlike anything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen before. They’re called Super-Skrulls, Skrulls who’ve been given the powers of our favorite MCU characters and Marvel villains.

Without The Harvest, though, Gravik, the Skrull leading the Invasion, is rather limited in the powers he can steal, but he has managed to embed the DNA of a Flora colossus within his body. But what is a Flora colossus? Spoilers ahead for the new Disney Plus show.

Flora colossus explained

Flora colossus is the scientific name for Groot’s species. The Flora colossus is a species of tree-like humanoids from Planet X whose plant-like biology gives them a number of superhuman abilities. 

Groot and members of his species can stretch and distort their bodies at will, possess incredible healing factors, and grow leaves and flowers.

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How did Gravik get Flora Colossus DNA?

Gravik managed to get his green hands on Flora colossus DNA while trying to track down The Harvest. Presumably, Groot’s DNA was easier to acquire than the other Avenger’s DNA because those collecting the genetic material confused Groot’s ‘blood’ for simple plant life. 

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