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Could Ms. Marvel’s powers be linked to Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings?

We've had our first proper look at the Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel and we're wondering if her powers might be linked to Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi and Ms Marvel

We’ve had our first proper look at the MCU’s Kamala Khan, courtesy of the Ms. Marvel trailer. Many fans took umbrage with the character’s powers being changed for the Disney Plus series – she’s usually a stretchy shapeshifter – but that’s not what caught our eye.

Her new energy powers seem to be drawn from a mysterious mystical bangle. Now previously leaked info suggested this was the case, and fan speculation was that Ms. Marvel’s origin had been changed to bring her powerset more in line with her heroic idol Captain Marvel. It was thought these bands might be the Nega-Bands, the Kree weapon used by the original comicbook version of the character Mar-Vell.

While that still might be the case, we had another idea when we watched the teaser the other day. What if Kamala’s bracelets are linked to another powerful set of Marvel jewellery? The magical Ten Rings the hero Shang-Chi inherited from his warlord dad Xu Wenwu.

We found out at the end of Shang-Chi’s solo action movie that the rings were a very strange artefact. According to the Avengers’s analysis at the end of Shang-Chi, they’re not made of vibranium, have no known extraterrestrial origin, and weren’t documented in Kamar-Taj’s library.

The bracelets that Kamala Khan puts on bear more than a passing resemblance to Shang-Chi’s rings. They both seem to glow with the same energy, and both have an intricate script on the outside of them. Kamala even describes the feeling of wearing the rings as “cosmic,” which may relate to the rings’ otherworldly origin.

We’re not the only people to link the two mystical objects; check out a few like-minded Marvel fans below:

Of course, the evidence linking the two items is very circumstantial. We’re basically arguing that two pieces of magical jewellery have to have the same origin when Kamala’s bracelet has just as much chance of being an Asgardian artefact or a lost Kree weapon.

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