Ms. Marvel artwork seems to confirm Disney Plus TV series has changed her powers

Ms. Marvel artwork seems to confirm Disney Plus TV series has changed her powers

In certain corners of the internet, there have been whispers that the new Ms. Marvel TV series would change Kamala Khan’s superpowers. Those rumours seem to have been confirmed by a piece of MCU official artwork that shows Kamala in her costume using her uncanny abilities.

In the comic books that the Disney plus sci-fi series is based on, Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman shape-shifter who got her powers after being exposed to the power bestowing Terrigen Mists. Kamala primarily uses these abilities like a combination of Mr Fantastic and Ant-Man. She stretches and distorts her body while also growing and shrinking. If this promotional art is accurate, though, it seems in the show Kamala will be more akin to a Green Lantern.

The art shows actor Iman Vellani in her extremely comics accurate  Ms. Marvel costume conjuring what appears to be a purple energy construct in the shape of a fist. It’s unknown if the show will maintain her Inhuman origin (although it’s unlikely) or if her powers will be ‘natural’ or technology-based.

There’s been speculation online that Kamala’s powers may be derived from the “Nega Bands”. In the comics, the bands were special bracelets that gave the original Captain Marvel his superhuman abilities.

Ms. Marvel does seem to be wearing some kind of bracelet in the promo image, and it would thematically tie Kamala into the Captain Marvel brand, so it’s possible.

Why Marvel has changed Kamala’s powers in the topic of fierce speculation online, some believe they didn’t want to introduce a ‘stretchy person’ before Mister Fantastic makes his Phase 4 debut. Still, there’s probably a more prosaic answer to the question, the expense.

Having a character who can grow and stretch realistically will be pretty VFX intensive and up the cost of producing a TV show. While it can be done, the cost of doing it over a potentially eight hour TV series is a lot more than a two-hour-long action movie.

Ms. Marvel will premier on the streaming service Disney Plus in 2022.

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