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The MCU’s first ever F-bomb was improvised

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is, in theory, a family friendly affair. But the superhero movies have dipped their toes into profanity, especially this time.

The MCU's first ever F-bomb was improvised: Chris Pratt as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy

When the Guardians of the Galaxy movies came around, we knew they were different. The Chris Pratt led MCU movies were slick with style, sass, and had plenty of characters who spoke their mind. Plus, of course, it had one of the best superhero movie soundtracks of all time.

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast brought to life some pretty colorful figures, most of whom were quick to fire off insults. Naturally, this meant that we were bound to get some swearing in the family movies. But the first Marvel F-bomb came about in Guardians Vol. 3, and from the mouth of Chris Pratt.

It’s an unusual choice, for sure. Most audiences would have expected the first F-bomb to come from Samuel L. Jackson, who is perhaps more famous for his cinematic experience with the word, or even from Robert Downey Jr.‘s Tony Stark. But nope, it’s Star-Lord, and apparrently, it wasn’t even planned.

“I do drop the first F-bomb,” Pratt said at the film’s premiere. “Take that, Samuel L. Jackson! It was not scripted. Everyone’s been trying to improv F-bombs for 10 years, and finally one made it in.”

The scene in question involves a little frustration with a car door. Pratt’s Peter Quill is trying to get Nebula to join him, but she can’t seem to get the old-fashioned car door to function. After some funny back and forth in which he’s trying to instruct her how to open it, she succeeds, and asks him what to do next. To this, he responds: “Get in the f*cking car.”

You can watch the censored version for yourself below, and if you want to watch the scene without restriction, the uncensored version exists on the Disney Plus streaming service.

YouTube Thumbnail

Pratt himself might have been surprised to see the end result make it into the movie, and even suggested that the use of such words in an improv scenario usually signify the end of things.

“Usually when you start dropping F-bombs in like an improv scenario, it’s really your indicator to the filmmaker that you’d like to move on,” he said. “And they actually put it in the film! So that’s pretty good… Yeah, I’m really proud.”

The MCU isn’t squeaky clean. One YouTuber even put together a compilation of all the swearing throughout Marvel’s Phase One, which you can watch for yourself below to get an idea of all the potty mouths in the collective.

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As you can see, it’s not the only time that Marvel has resorted to swearing. There’s plenty of “sh*t”s throughout the Marvel movies in order. Even the best MCU characters have to let it all out some time. But the F-bomb is definitely a change of pace for the action movies. That said, this was for Guardians Vol. 3, which marked the final movie in the trilogy for the worlds most famous a-holes. It seems fitting.

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