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MCU Blade release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more news

Marvel's getting into the business of vampire movies, finally resurrecting the daywalker himself with the upcoming MCU Blade release date.

MCU Blade release date

What is the Blade release date? The Daywalker is returning to the big screen as part of the MCU with True Detective and Moonlight star Mahershala Ali stepping into the role of Eric Brooks, AKA: Blade. To say we’re excited to see Blade out for blood again is an understatement.

Blade’s hitting the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the latest spin on one of the best vampire movies of the ’90s. Many fans will no doubt remember the Blade trilogy starring Wesley Snipes as the titular vampire-hunting anti-hero, and yes, he really has been a Marvel character all along. Fans are eager to see how Kevin Feige will bring him back into the fold, so here’s what we know.

What is the MCU Blade release date?

The new Blade movie will be released on Friday November 7, 2025 after a major date reshuffle. 

Originally, Blade was set to arrive in cinemas as part of Marvel’s Phase 5 slate of movies. However, the film has encountered non-stop production difficulties, which means we’ll have to rearrange our Marvel movies in order guide again.

Blade lost its director, Bassam Tariq, in October 2022, and the project was delayed while Marvel found a new one. It was confirmed in November 2022 that Yann Demange of Top Boy fame would helm it, and True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto joined the project as a writer in April 2023.

All in all, the Blade production has gone through five writers and two directors, and was shut down six weeks before production was due to begin. Production is still yet to commence, and a Variety report alleged that the studio is now looking to make the movie for under $100 million in the wake of some budget-tightening strategies from Marvel.

Needless to say, things aren’t looking great, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the release date got delayed even further, shuffling the slate of upcoming Marvel movies yet again. Be sure to keep an eye on this guide so we can keep you updated with the latest.

Blade release date: Mahershala Ali in Alita Battle Angel

Who’s in the MCU Blade cast?

Well, for starters, there’s Academy-award winner Mahershala Ali as the titular Daywalker leading the Blade cast, and horror ‘it girl’ Mia Goth in an unnamed role.

Obviously, this isn’t Ali’s first brush with Marvel, as he previously delivered a stunning performance as Cornell Stokes (Cottonmouth), in the Marvel series Luke Cage. He also voiced Aaron Davis/Prowler in one of the best animated movies ever, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. So, yeah, he’s no stranger to the world of comics.

Joining Ali is legendary star Delroy Lindo, who’s best known for working with Spike Lee throughout his career. Although it’s not clear who Lindo is playing at the moment, his age means he could easily play a new version of Blade’s mentor, Abraham Whistler, but that’s just speculation on our part.

Meanwhile, British actor Aaron Pierre also has a mystery role in Blade, and there’s speculation that 14-year-old Milan Ray will play Blade’s daughter. Finally, the star of some of the best horror movies in recent years, Mia Goth, has joined the cast. It’s quite the roster.

Here is the MCU Blade cast list:

  • Mahershala Ali as Blade
  • Delroy Lindo
  • Mia Goth
  • Aaron Pierre
  • Milan Ray

Mahershala Ali will lead the MCU Blade cast

What will the MCU Blade movie be about?

Unsurprisingly, Marvel is keeping Blade under wraps for the moment, but its plot will follow Blade, a half-vampire who hunts bloodsuckers.

It probably won’t be the usual origin movie, since Marvel has moved away from the stereotypical format for the superhero genre. But we expect some explanation about Blade’s mother getting bitten by a vampire while he was still in the womb.

Yes, Blade is a half-vampire, and he’s made it his personal mission to vanquish them from the face of the Earth. He’s occasionally gone up against Marvel villains like Deacon Frost, Dracula, and even Morbius the Living Vampire. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t let Jared Leto show up in the MCU, because Blade would ensure Morbin’ Time is over.

Much like the production issues, Blade has seen some problems with the script according to various reports. For one, it’s been said that Ali was ready to leave the project after countless script issues. It was also suggested (by Variety) that part of the original plan for the story was to relegate Blade to the fourth lead, a bizarre concept for your main character. Thankfully, this idea seems to have been put in the past, so hopefully the script will find its footing going forward.

Blade release date: Wesley Snipes as Blade Sn

Is the MCU Blade movie R-rated?

Yann Demange confirmed in November 2023 that Marvel has given him the green light to make an R-rated Blade movie, so let the fangs fly.

“They gave me the R, which is so important,” Demange said as he announced the MCU Blade R-rating. “For Blade, we are going to have fun because Mahershala is such a deep actor. I’m excited to show a kind of ruthlessness, a roughness he has, that allows him to walk the earth in a particular way.”

It’s worth noting that nobody at Marvel has officially confirmed this and Kevin Feige previously said that Deadpool 3 was the only Marvel movie set for an R-rating in the near future. Still, the prospect of Mahershala Ali getting the chance to go all throat-rippy on the big screen is a thrilling one, so we hope Marvel chooses to stay the course on this.

The MCU Blade release date is coming in 2025

Is there an MCU Blade trailer?

We expect a Blade teaser trailer in early 2025. The movie is currently set to release in November of that year, so we’ll likely get a full trailer during the summer.

Although, it’s entirely possible that Blade will actually show up in different projects ahead of his solo film because, let’s face it, this is Marvel we’re talking about here. After all, he already had a voice cameo at the end of Eternals.

Yes, that was Blade’s voice speaking to Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) in the post-credits scene of the Chloe Zhao-directed movie. The scene sees the future Black Knight reaching out for his ancestral weapon, the Ebony Blade, as a mysterious voice off-screen says, “Are you sure you’re ready for that, Mr Whitman?”

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Where can I watch the MCU Blade movie?

The MCU Blade movie will be available exclusively in theaters on November 7, 2025

Recent MCU movies have made it to Disney Plus pretty quickly after their theatrical run, so expect to see Blade make that journey by early 2026. In the meantime, there’s yet more Marvel new on Disney Plus, with Loki season 2 being the most recent outing. (Which, incidentally, we ended up loving!)

Watch this space for more information about what to expect in Marvel’s new Blade movie. Until then, look ahead to new movies in the MCU, including Deadpool 3 and Captain American 4. Or, you can find out why this original Blade star calls new Marvel movies “garbage”.

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