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Harrison Ford originally hated the best thing about Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of the most recognizable characters on screen, but Harrison Ford things actually hated the most iconic part of his classic character.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom

There’s plenty to love about Indiana Jones. For starters, he’s the world’s greatest archaeologist. He also manages to get himself out of every scrap he finds himself in. Plus, he’s traveled the world. But if there’s one thing we love about Indiana Jones more than anything else, it’s his iconic costume.

And although Indiana Jones 5 isn’t quite living up to the same reputation as the best adventure movies in the series, is does raise the question: Is any Indiana Jones better than no Indiana Jones? Well, we can’t answer that for sure, but we do know that there are fewer things more satisfying than seeing Harrison Ford standing there with his whip and fedora.

After all, the Indiana Jones costume is part of what makes the character so integral in pop culture. (And it helps that it makes for a cheap and easy Halloween costume.) But according to Harrison Ford himself, he wasn’t too keen on what we now know to be the classic Indiana look.

When reflecting upon the various iconography and best moments of the action movie franchise, he made mention of his first impression when he was told about what the Indiana Jones costume would be. And it definitely raised a few questions for the Star Wars actor.

“It was presented to me as an aspect of character in the first film. My questions about it were many,” Ford said [via GQ]. “Why am I wearing a leather jacket in the jungle? Isn’t it hot here? Why am I carrying a whip? What am I going to do with a f*cking whip? I’m going to whip people? Oh, okay. And the hat…”

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“[They said] ‘It’s an evocation of a time. A period. A reflection of movies past.’ I said okay, and that makes it my own.”

We’re glad he was able to get on board with the look eventually, because we firmly believe that a character has never appeared cooler than Indy. Hey, there’s a reason he’s always reaching to grab his hat. It’s not because he needs it…it’s because it’s so incredibly fashionable.

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