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The Halo TV series will show Master Chief’s face

It appears the upcoming Halo TV series will finally reveal a 20 year secret and show us the face of Master Chief for the first time

The Halo TV series will show Master Chief's face

The legacy of Halo spans over 20 years now, with its status as one of the best videogame series of all time firmly cemented, and sights now set on adapting the property for a TV series. The sci-fi series is set to land on streaming service Paramount Plus later this year, and it’s now been revealed that the show will show us the face of the Master Chief for the first time in the history of the franchise.

When speaking as part of IGN Fan Fest, Halo’s executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has said that finally revealing the face of the iconic protagonist is important to the story they are looking to tell with the Halo TV series.

Previously, the instantly recognisable Spartan Mjolnir armour which Master Chief wears, with its distinctive yellow visor, has stayed firmly on. But now, “a moment 20 years in the making” is upon us, as the show plans to dive deeper into the character than ever before and show us the man behind the mask.

“You will see his face,” Wolfkill confirmed. “We absolutely respect both sides of that fence, those who really want to see Chief’s face and those who really don’t. But for the nature of this story, it felt really important to connect with the Master Chief in a different way, and that meant showing the face.”

It’s a move which will surely spark some controversy among the game’s massive fanbase, with large sections no doubt keen to preserve the mystery surrounding the character. But, the show is reportedly a “character story and a personal story” according to Wolfkill, who claims we “needed to see the person in the armour and under the helmet.”

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Pablo Schreiber will play Master Chief in the series, which is set to drop on Paramount Plus March 24, 2022, and it’s his face which will ultimately form the basis of this important next step in the Halo franchise. With the show already renewed for a second season, it would seem Paramount has high hopes for this new Halo timeline.