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Does Gran Turismo have a post-credit scene?

If you love cars, you might just find yourself heading to the theater to watch the new racing movie. Here, we tell you if Gran Turismo has a post-credit scene.

Does Gran Turismo have a post-credit scene?: David Harbour as Jack

Does Gran Turismo have a post-credit scene? Racing movies aren’t especially known to set up franchises and, therefore, may not have much need for a post-credit scene once the movie is over. (That said, we got a handful of Cars movies, so there you go.)

But with movies and post-credit scenes going together nowadays like tires to a track, you may want to know if Gran Turismo goes with or against the grain. One of this summer’s fastest new movies stars David Harbour and Orlando Bloom and follows the true story of a gamer turned racing champion.

But as the Gran Turismo release date speeds into cinemas, you may be wondering if the new action movie has anything after the credits worth hanging around for. Read ahead to find out the (spoiler-free) answer to the question: Does Gran Turismo have a post-credit scene?

Does Gran Turismo have a post-credit scene?

No, Gran Turismo does not have a post-credit scene, so if you were hoping to catch some more racing action after the screen goes to black, you’d be disappointed.

That said, while the credits roll, there is some cool footage of the technology that’s used to create the Gran Turismo game, so if that interests you, then you can hang back and watch. It doesn’t last for too long, so perhaps it’s worth the extra minute or two to you.

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