Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date speculation, cast, and more

As one season of the Netflix series finishes, another must begin, so here's everything we know about the Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date

Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date: Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey

When is the Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date? As with any great Netflix series, when one season finishes, we are already desperate for more. Ginny and Georgia season 2 is now on the streaming service, but we’re here to look ahead to the future.

The drama series is incredibly popular with Netflix subscribers, and the story of the precarious mother-daughter relationship of the titular characters has proven to be a successful blend of soap opera fun and murder mystery vibes. But, while audiences are now enjoying the second instalment of the TV series, we’re here to talk about the Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date.

Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date speculation

There is currently no confirmed release date for Ginny and Georgia season 3 and the show hasn’t actually had a third season greenlit by Netflix yet.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 only hit Netflix on January 5, 2023 so we don’t expect to hear any news of a season 3 being given the go-ahead for some time. Netflix generally likes to let its shows permeate the masses for a while before making decisions on their future. Should season 2 perform similarly to season 1 however, we imagine a third season will be a no-brainer.

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Ginny and Georgia season 3 plot speculation

It’s hard to know exactly what the Ginny and Georgia season 3 plot will entail but we’re pretty sure there’s lots of drama to come after Georgia was arrested in the final episode of season 2.

The Ginny and Georgia season 2 ending threw up plenty of shocking twists, but the fact that Georgia is now firmly in the spotlight of law enforcement means her previous crimes and murders could come to the fore in season 3.

Of course, Georgia is newly-married, too, having tied the knot with Paul finally. Living happily ever after isn’t on the agenda though, clearly, so the fallout of Georgia’s arrest is surely going to impact the marriage moving forward, too.

As for Ginny, not only is she continually dealing with the trouble her mother leaves in her wake during the thriller series, but she has her own problems, too. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Marcus came to a head in the season 2 finale, when the pair were reunited, but then decided to just be friends. Will they end up together romantically again? We think that’s rather likely at some point, as the pair have an undeniable chemistry.

Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date: Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller

Ginny and Georgia season 3 cast speculation

The only thing we can be sure of is that, if there is a Ginny and Georgia season 3, Antonio Gentry and Brianne Howey would have to be back as their respective characters as the show is named after them.

Beyond that, we would expect to see Felix Mallard reprise his role as Marcus Baker, as his relationship with Ginny develops. It’s also likely that Katie Douglas would return as Abby for more in season 3.

We also reckon Nathan Mitchell will have a role to play in season 3. As Zion Mitchell, Ginny’s dad is a big part of her life despite not being with her mother, and so that support network should remain for Ginny. Speaking of her mother’s relationships, you’d imagine new hubby Paul (Scott Porter) will be involved in the next season, too.

That’s all we know about Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date for now, but as more clues pop up we will update this guide. In the meantime, check out our list of the new movies coming in 2023 to keep you occupied, or dive into our guide on the Euphoria season 3 release date for more teen drama.