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Fast X director wants Jason Statham to return to these action movies

Fast and Furious 10's director has worked with Meg 2 star Jason Statham in the past, and wants to bring back the action movies they made together. Should we?

Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw in Fast X

Fast and Furious 10 director Louis Leterrier seemed to have a barrel of fun making X, the latest chapter in the Fast and Furious saga. Among some stale 2023 new movies, the blockbuster was camp, explosive, and silly. (More on that in our Fast X review.)

But working with the Fast and Furious cast revitalized Leterrier’s interest in another franchise — one he worked on previously with The Meg‘s Jason Statham.

He thinks it’s a great time for the genre hero to make some more of what he feels are some of the best action movies of Statham’s filmography: The Transporter.

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“I mean we’ve shot commercials together, we’ve seen each other socially, but we hadn’t worked together for a long, long time and just seeing him being able to work with him, call action on the shot he was in,” Leterrier told ComicBook.com.

“Directing him was just like it was so great and it was the beginning of his career, the very beginning of my career with two different people. But at the same time, you know, our heart is the same and our love for each other is the same. It was a true pleasure. So, I mean, why not like that? You know, Frank Martin is a great character. The Transporter is a great character. And Jason is an amazing actor. We need more Transporter, right?”

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