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Fast and Furious 4 fixed the franchise’s biggest plot hole

The Fast and Furious movies have some egregious plot holes, but one of them was actually addressed in the oft-forgotten fourth action movie in the franchise.

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 4

Much as we love it, the Fast and Furious franchise has some issues. Among the inconsistencies, one Fast and Furious contrivance has plagued fans for years, making some of the best action movies harder to enjoy.

Basically, even though Vin Diesel and the Fast and Furious cast use cars all the time, nobody ever needs more fuel. Think about it: in all the cities and locations the best Fast and Furious characters have shown up at, have you ever seen them stop for gas? Even from their own supply (which they definitely need)? No!

One of the thriller movies addresses this, albeit indirectly. 2009’s Fast and Furious, the fourth installment (don’t ask us about the title), includes a truck full of fuel, but nobody’s stopping to fill up their tank.

The opening extravaganza has the group targeting a tanker. They manage to get their fingers on it – making clear both that the vehicles of Fast and Furious aren’t all electric and the crew does occasionally do things purely for supplies – but eventually everything explodes.

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We’re not surprised it all ends in fire, but if you watch the Fast and Furious movies in order, that’s really the biggest suggestion Dom and Brian need to gas up their roadsters. Of course, we aren’t expecting anyone to pull over into a Circle K mid-chase against movie villains like Cipher or Dante, but the occasional nod that they seem to use cars that function by the same engines would be nice.

Justin Lin directed Fast and Furious, from a script by Chris Morgan. I wonder if they were consciously changing the mythology at the time. Given how much has changed since, probably not. Check out our Fast X review to see how the last film went, and we have a guide on the Fast and Furious 11 release date to keep you updated on what’s coming.

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