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Doctor Who star Mandip Gill says she’s open to staying on as 14th Doctor’s companion

Doctor Who star Mandip Gill says she's not against staying on as the next Doctor's companion

Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who

The Doctor may have stopped The Flux and defeated The Ravagers, but her days are still numbered. As Time told her, “your time is heading to its end”, and we know Jodie Whittaker’s set to hand in her TARDIS key next year. Still, the sci-fi series will get a new shiny 14th Doctor, but not everything has to change.

It’s very possible that some of Whittaker’s companions will stay on and help the new Doctor battle aliens, monsters, and villains. Yaz, for example, doesn’t have to leave the TARDIS just because the Doc gets a new face, and that’s something Mandip Gill is very aware of.

Gill, who’s played Yaz on the popular TV series since 2018, recently told the Radio Times that one of the show’s strengths is the fact its cast doesn’t have to change with the main character.  “What’s great about Doctor Who is that the audience are so open to old and new characters all the time,” she said. “They don’t need a whole new cast every time it starts with a new Doctor.”

When pressed if she’d return with another Time Lord behind the wheel of the TARDIS, she was reluctant to commit to anything for fear of spoiling the show’s secrets.

“You also never know with this series,” she said. “A  lot of why it works is because there are a lot of secrets, and then a lot of revelation. And it’s really exciting. And that’s actually what people love is that they don’t know what’s around the corner, but they always get to guess.”

There’s precedent for multi-Doctor companions. Billie Piper’s Rose didn’t leave when Christopher Eccleston turned into David Tennant. Similarly, Jenna Coleman’s character didn’t abandon travelling through time and space when the 11th Doctor regenerated into the 12th.

Perhaps Yaz can bridge the gap for fans between the old and the new Doctor? As Gill, herself explains “never say never” when it comes to Doctor Who. I guess we’ll see what Russell T. Davies has in store?

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